Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Random Wednesday: Cocoa Beans, Hopscotch, and Butt Massages

Happy Random Wednesday Y’all,

So I heard the worst news yesterday. Brace yourself: Cocoa beans are an endangered crop. I KNOW!  I was horrified too. SAVE THE COCOA BEANS! I literally thought my heart was going to stop when I heard that.


As of today I am officially registered for the Cleveland Marathon. WOO WOO!  I will be setting up my fundraising page tomorrow. Get ready!


I would now like to give you a little glimpse into my daily life.

Lent is coming up. And that means giving up something. I thought long and hard about this and I’m giving up games on my phone. I did it before and it felt good. It is time again. I have other things to do.

I mentioned this to a client during a recent session.

Her response: But what will you do while you are in the bathroom?

Mine: I will need to go old school to books and magazines.

Clearly no topic is off limits in Personal Training Sessions. Haha


Panera Butternut Squash soup was on sale at Target today. WOO WOO


I am signed up with a babysitting/nanny agency to fill some of my odd available hours. This past weekend I worked with the cutest family. The youngest child is a 5 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy. She was the cutest thing you could ever imagine. She spends 6-8 hours a day in braces on her legs because of her weak right calf.

It made me tear up a couple of times watching her move around. She struggles, but oh how she doesn’t let that stop her. She wanted us to play hopscotch in the rain. Watching her hop and balance was adorable. She was so determined.

It was just a reminder of how thankful I am for my body. It’s completely functional and I wasted so many years.

I can’t wait to work with her again. We played Frozen all day.  Haha. As in she was Elsa and I was Anna.


I got my Girls on the Run roster this week. WOO WOO. Eight of my girls are coming back. So excited. And I am super excited that I received a wonderful donation of water bottles and socks for them. YEAH!  I know the best people.


My hip has been bothering me. I know it is partly from my hills, but it’s also partly from carrying my super heavy backpack. Monday I did 8 miles. Yesterday I did the bike and core at the gym. And last night it was killing me. So today I did yoga and then went over to Running Buddy’s house. She’s a former Physical Therapist.

I got on the table and she found the source. It was another adhesion at the top of my glutes. She worked on it for 30 minutes and I was practically crying the whole time. Basically, she worked on my bare butt. I feel like I owe her dinner and a movie. Our friendship has been taken to a whole new level. Haha. Ouch!


It’s almost time for Daytona. WOO WOO! I am ready for some Tony Stewart! Hey Tony Stewart, CALL ME!


Um did you know about Peppermint Bark Ice Cream?  I think I  have gone to heaven

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

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