Monday, January 19, 2015

Adjusting my goals for 2015

Hello Beautiful People,

Before we get started I will reveal that I still have my toenail. Gah!  My toe is getting super sensitive again. I should take the nail polish off to see what’s under it, but I’m just getting annoyed right now.
Okay So I sent in my registration information for the Cleveland Marathon. It is less than 4 months away. Most marathon training plans are 4 months so I am all good. Except that I had a big plan for the December Rehoboth race. And now things are off.

My plan was to spend the next 4 months focusing on short distance speed and weight loss. That is no longer my focus. I still want to do them though so I will need to adjust.
I was thinking about this week that if I complete these races I will have completed not one, but three marathons within a one year period (Dec 6 to Dec 5). That’s kind of amazing to think about. I am pretty freaking awesome!

The fun news is that we signed two new clients for me today. They are both from Ohio. One of them is from Cleveland. I take that as a happy sign.

So I had to break some bad news to my mom last week. Since the race is in May it will be much warmer. That means I HAVE to have my hair off of my neck. I have to let it grow until then. I had hoped to cut my hair again soon. I wanted to go short, but I can’t do that now. My hair is so thick that it NEEDS to pull off of my neck to help me cool down. So the new plan is to cut it as soon as the race is over. I promise! Basically this is going to drive me crazy for the next four months. Promise me that if I start to talk about cutting it you will all scream in protest.

Well this was a little shorter than I had hoped, but it’s been a long day and I am ready to call it a night. Nighty nighty kids.

Have a Blessed Evening

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