Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random Wednesday: BBQ, Ice cream, and Tony Stewart on Twitter

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

It's been a while, but it's been a productive week. Sunday I went up to see Former Work Husband Phil and his lovely wife for a BBQ. Monday I loaded up the last of my stuff and brought it to mom's. The past two days I've been purging and organizing all of my stuff. It's been a while since it's all been in one location.


Before I left my uncle's I found a few boxes of mine that had been in the basement for about ten years...they are my missing photos...some Former Fat Girl years...there were some smiles and some tears when I looked through...and some serious winces.


I have tried my best to avoid all news coverage of the Kim and Kanye wedding. I am quite glad it's over because I couldn't take the coverage. However, one thing did catch my eye. There were some headlines that Rob K. had gained weight. Not their biggest fan, but I do feel bad when the headlines are about weight. That should NEVER be a headline no matter who you are. NEVER.


Yesterday at Walmart they had samples of the Magnum ice cream bars...I had two mini dixie cups. Then they gave me coupons...I bought the chocolate on chocolate.


Good marketing means knowing your audience. The past couple of mornings have really annoyed me. I switch between my ESPN shows and Golden Girls (don't judge me) on Lifetime. Do you know how many diet ads there are on Lifetime? At least one every commercial break. Do you know how many there are on ESPN? None.

First, I get irritated at how women are targeted in ads. Second, I get irritated at what people will spend money on when eating right and exercise will do the trick.


 It's hot. Hot and humid. I am drinking my usual water and my body is still swelling...grrr.  On the positive side, I can only imagine how bad it would be if I didn't drink all of the water.


In case you missed it, Tony Stewart is now on life is soooo much better now. It's been worth the wait. Now if only he would CALL ME! 


I got a nice run in the park in on Saturday morning. Sadly, that's the last run I got. Sunday was my rest day and then Monday was moving day. If steps are involved I try to avoid extra stress on my knee.

I have been busy the past couple of days purging, but running is not an option. I'm giving the knees some rest. Hopefully tomorrow is a go though. I miss it.


Okay, I must go to bed. I still have a little more to do tomorrow before I take a carload to Good Will.

Before I do though, I keep getting asked about advising someone on starting a program. The first two things I offer: Drink you water ( 64 ounces a day) and get your steps. Walk as much as you can. Get in a routine and start with 30 minutes consistently. Park farther away from your destination. Just walk as much as you can.

Have a Blessed Night

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