Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cruise Part 3 - Day At Sea...and Fancy Night!

Happy Mother's Day Bleeps!

Sunday was our Day at Sea. We were traveling down to Grand Turk first and that would take two nights to get to...well worth the wait. That's okay. It was nice to spend time on the ship and relax.

My original thought was to just get up for sunrise and either hit the Sunrise Stretch club in the gym at 7am or go back to bed. Instead, when my alarm went off I put on my workout clothes and headed up. Sadly it was not a spectacular Sunrise (they got better so don't worry).  The sun didn't really come out from behind the clouds for an hour. 

Since I was up I figured I would just hit the jogging track. First I ran back down to the cabin for my running belt so that I could hold my card and phone. We didn't have plans and I wanted to get at least 5 in. My hopes were for more later

I loved this track. It was a little hard to get used to though. It was the next to top level of the ship. There was a little rocking going on. That wasn't that bad, but it was mighty windy when you were going towards the front of the ship. I walked and ran for 5 miles. I was happy.

It was quiet up there. There were a few people. I got to watch everyone start to come up to the deck below for breakfast. Clearly it was a big party night. I didn't see that many people. I did photo bomb some photos though :-)

After I finished I ran downstairs and got a banana, orange, and a piece of toast with juice. I also grabbed a banana to keep in the cabin for before the next day's run.  When I was at the elevator to go down I met a cute boy. haha. He was in his workout gear and gave me a fist pump for working out. He was on his way up to the gym, but he got in the elevator and rode down with me. He said he hoped to see me again. I never saw him that early again. haha.

I got my shower and then Aunt Carol and I went up for breakfast. This time I loaded up. I was HUNGRY: Scrambled eggs, ham, melon, cantaloupe, potatoes,  toast, and yogurt.

From breakfast we grabbed some cups of iced tea and headed up to the Serenity level...21 and up!  There were a lot of activities going on at the main pool (hairy chest contest, drink mix contest, and ice sculpting),  but I just wanted some quiet and sun. Get there early and get your spot!  We got lounge chairs on the front row. However, the side we got them on was overlooking the children's pool. It's ok, it's really for little little kids so it wasn't that loud. And frankly those kids were adorable.

We got there at 9:30. It wasn't the sunniest of days in the beginning.  In fact, I was wrapped in my big yellow serenity towel instead of laying on it for a little while.  Eventually it warmed up and I was laying out getting some sun.

Around noon my belly started screaming that it was hungry.  So I went down and hit the grill. I got us each a hot dog and a pear. It's a weird combo I know, but I had a long walk up stairs to carry. I lasted until 2:30. I would have stayed longer, but I was afraid I was fried. Aunt Carol had gone down to the cabin a little before me. We met up at the Big Bang Theory Trivia game. Oh hilarious.  I missed the first half, but it was packed. Gotta love Sheldon!  The Assistant Cruise Director Kevin was awesome and made the best impression of Amy Farrah Fowler.

Afterwards we were a little hungry since we had only had a hot dog. So we walked to the back of the ship and found the 24 hour pizza place. There was a line, but it was the only food available. We each got a slice and sat at the very back of the ship.  What a view!

While we were sitting there we decided to have the drink special of the day...the Blue Margarita...seriously, do you think I would pass that up?????

Then we did a little reading and got ready for Fancy night...okay, they call it elegant night. It's pretty fancy for me.   It was nice to see people dressed up. I saw prom dresses. I saw bling. I saw it all!

My dinner that night was nothing short of fantastic. My starter was the West Indian roasted pumpkin soup. I could have eaten that every night.

My entree was not heart healthy, but still good. I got the Zucchini and eggplant parmigiana.

For dessert I had the sugar-free banana gateau. Banana sponge cake with banana creme. The gentleman who joined us for dinner that night ordered the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. He had two entrees and offered to share his dessert with me. Yum.

Our server, Peter, told us that entertainment was coming so we didn't leave. It was sweet. They lined the stair and sang "That's Amore" right behind us!

Afterwards we took the tour of the photo stops. We were fancied up so we had to oblige. Although the first stop was horrible. I don't know what this woman was thinking. The group photos were odd, but the individual ones were just plain awkward. I didn't buy it, but I did capture it for you.

Because I always pose using both hands to tug my ear...

We loved the obligatory stairs photo. We did buy that and got a copy for both of us :-)

After our photo session we went back to the room to change.  The Cruise Dancers had a show at 9:15. I had gotten a little burned on my upper thighs (presumably when my bathing suit shifted) and I was chilly. I was also tired. I had been up for a long time. We got seats in the balcony. I brought my Soda cup hoping to get something to wake me up. It didn't happen. Between that and the rocking of the ship and the darkness I barely stayed awake. It was good though.  The show was "Living in America" and they included a Rocky tribute :-)

I went straight to bed when it was over. I never got my second run on the track in, but I sure enjoyed myself and relaxed. Sunrise in Grand Turk was 6:12...I needed to get some sleep. Plus, the next day was our first first time on Non-American soil!

Have a Blessed Night

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