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Cruise Part 5 - Half Moon Cay

Hello Bleeps,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday (or the day it is now Saturday). I had a 4 hour gym day and then prepared myself for Cristina's departure on Grey's Anatomy...miss her already!  Anyway, I still have a few posts left from the cruise to go.

Our second island stop was Half Moon Cay (pronounced Key). Sunrise was once again 6:26 and we were scheduled to arrive at 7am. I was completely amazed at the timing. I fully expected every morning to be docked when I walked up to the deck. Nope, we would arrive practically to the minute. And that was cool to watch us arrive.

The sunrise was beautiful.  The sun was rising away from the island so I would run back and forth to see each.   And then I went up to the jogging track for 6 miles.

 Every morning I would run into a few of the same people, but it was exciting when newbies would show up.

Half Moon Cay was a beach day for us. There was no hurry to get to the island except that it was a BEACH DAY for us. I met Aunt Carol for breakfast at 8. We had the best view.  My breakfast was awesome. It was the same as the others, but this time I got some pancakes too. Woo Woo!  Luckily I took an extra banana for the next morning, because that was it. They ran out. No bananas for the final two days. What????

After a quick shower we were ready to go. For this island we weren't at a dock. We had to get on boats to go to the island. Here's my tip for you. When you go on "Fun Ships" get there early. Just sayin...we got there around 9:30 and we had to wait 30 minutes before our boat was called. We arrived on the island around 10. It was a couple of hours before it got super crowded.

Our first stop was to go rent a clam shell. They didn't rent umbrellas and there was no shade. I kid you not, it was a $20 rental. I was shocked at how cheap that was. You could put two chairs in them. The funniest thing was that while we were setting up our chairs there was a rooster walking around.

I was grateful for the shade, but I wanted an oceanfront chair. So I found an open one right towards the front. It was Beautiful.

Yes, we went into the water. We even have pictures from it, but they were with my disposable camera so I have to scan them. The water was unbelievable. It was cool and crystal clear that I could see the white fish by my feet. Did I freak out? Not totally, but I couldn't not look down the whole time. haha.

Okay it was 10 am and the servers were walking around with the drinks...a little too early for me. Luckily I brought my cup with ice and two bottles of water. Hydration Bleeps!  It was hot, but the water cooled me down. I was able to relax for a couple of hours and then as more and more people came it got really loud. Some people came and moved chairs from behind me to in front of me and blasted their music. I was a little annoyed, but I also felt like I was completely sunburnt. I was hungry and figured we could eat and and then hang in the clam shell.

We headed over to the island BBQ. It was a pretty walk, but I couldn't enjoy it because I was hungry. When we got in line I started with a scoop of german potato salad, cous cous zucchini, and roasted veggies. We had to wait a little while for the rest, but eventually we got a cheeseburger and a piece of jerk chicken. But, I was most excited about the fruit...O.M.G. Pineapple, Watermelon, cantaloupe. I also grabbed a couple of small cookies. Don't get excited. I'm pretty sure they were chips ahoy.

I was excited about the roasted veggies, but they were okay. I LOVED the cous cous with zucchini though.

Now that we had food in our bellies we could order a drink. It was hot and I wanted to enjoy myself. We got Miami Vices. Swirls of pina colada's and strawberry daiquiris.

Aunt Carol went back to the ship first. I stayed a little longer. I still felt like I was burning so I just relaxed in the shade and read a little. After a little while I felt like it was time to go. I wanted to get back on the ship before everyone was trying to get on.

The bonus is that I was not burnt at all. The sun down there is hot, but I was really good with lotion and I don't think it's as strong as it is by us...thank you so much pollution! This was a huge relief. I didn't want to burn, and I especially didn't want to the day before Dolphin Day!

We showered and got ready for dinner, but first we wanted to go to the Harry Potter Trivia. I loved Harry Potter. I read every book immediately. One of my things to do was to re-read them. It's been a while, but I thought I would be okay.  I was wrong. The group was very eclectic. People of all ages and races. Most of us were sitting there in a daze feeling stupid, but there were a handful who knew just about every answer. I knew 1 out of 20. But, let me share some sample questions:

* What was Voldemort's mother's name?
* What was Hermione's petronus?

Even though I didn't know most of the answers, it was still hilarious.   It also took 15 minutes so we had a little time before dinner. We went back down to the lobby area where I liked to sit and read.

Guess what!  It's dinner time!  On the menu was an enchilada, but I didn't get it. My starter was the heart healthy green bean  and roma tomatoes.  It was okay, but not my favorite of the cruise. Aunt Carol got the frog legs, I didn't try them. haha.

My entree was a little surprising for me. I'm not a blackened chicken person, but I ordered the heart healthy blackened supreme of spring chicken. It was marinated with cajun spices and herbs. I also ordered a side of steamed vegetables. This was hard for me because there was a bacon mac'n'cheese with chicken. But, my dinner was spectacular.

For dessert I got the tropical fruit and a side of sugar free vanilla. Yum.

In addition to another show, we also got private demonstrations from our servers on how to fold the napkins.

The entertainment afterwards was a little gangnam style. haha. I love it. After dinner we went to see the two comedians. We didn't love the first guy, but it was worth it to sit through because the second guy was hilarious. Maybe I'm old, but I did have a complaint. They were "family friendly" shows. The definition of that is no foul language. But, that doesn't mean that the content is family friendly. If I had a kid and I was in the first show I would have walked out....and some did.

The next morning was dolphin day! So that meant going to bed early. I was still getting up early for sunrise so I needed rest.

Before I go I will include some of my favorite pix from Half Moon Cay. Enjoy.

Have a Blessed Evening

****Please note****

If you feel like you are alone on your journey and you just need some encouragement I am here for you! Shoot me an email and I will do my best to check in on you or give you the words of support you need several times a week. The journey is so much easier if you have support.

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