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Cruise Part 1 - Carnival Victory to Grand Turk and Nassau

Hello Beautiful People,

I have missed you, but I have had the most wonderful time. It was the best Birthday present EVER!  So much so that I sort of forgot that today is my birthday. haha. I have so many photos and journals for you. I need to organize them, but I will have them shortly.

I won't keep you in too much suspense. I kicked BUTT on this Cruise. I happened to weigh myself the morning we left since I was trying to make sure that my suitcase wasn't too heavy. We got back yesterday and I weighed myself this morning. I didn't gain any weight!  I could not be happier.

Was it easy? Yes and No. I was happy with every choice I made, but resisting temptation was a little rough.  The food was amazing. I loved the breakfasts. Lunch was a bit tricky. And dinner was simply amazing...and the desserts...well...

For dinner we ate in the Dining Room every night. I can't wait to tell you all about that, but not now. I will tell you that the menu had some starters and entrees that were available every night and starters and entrees that were new every night. There was a heart healthy option in each section. For the most part I stayed with the heart healthy. I did vary every now and then to be adventurous. I even stayed with it for desserts...except one night. The servers were great and knew that was what I wanted. Plus I ordered a side of veggies often. I also had fresh fruit with every meal :-)

So here's what we had: 24 hour Pizza, 24 hour self serve soft ice cream bar, unlimited items from the Grill, and freshly prepared deli options.  For drinks we had lemonade, iced tea, water, and the prepaid unlimited bubbles (soda). There were also wait staff walking around everywhere with the drink of the day ($1 off the regular price). 

The Gym was open 6:10 am to 10pm. The jogging track was open 24/7.

I don't want to disappoint you, but I only went to the gym once...and that was to see where it was. However, the great news is that I hit that jogging track every day. Almost every day I woke up for Sunrise and went up right after. One morning I went back to get ready after sunrise because we had an early day, but I did hit the track after dinner. That was a pretty cool night. I ran the first day, but it was difficult to hold my balance with the wind on one side of the ship. Plus, because I was there so early it was still wet from the hose down. Doesn't matter. I got in a total of 30 miles between our Miami stops (including a treadmill morning in Miami before we boarded the ship).

Those mornings on the ship were my favorite times. During the day and night it was packed, but in the mornings it was just me and a handful of people out there. It was relaxing and so beautiful. It was my Happy Place.

I didn't quite hold to my Drink policy (one on the first and one on the last), but I was smart about it. I did have one on our first day when we set sail...on our second day the special was a blue margarita so you know I had to have one...and I had splurged on a biggie on our day on the beach.  I made sure I had my drinks between lunch and dinner. That way I didn't interfere with my morning workouts.

I did have multiple soda drinks per day. Basically a diet coke during the day to wake me up because I was up so early every day and a ginger ale with dinner. The rest of the time I drank water. We ordered a case for our room and I would get cups of ice and just have water (which I took on every excursion too).

The trip was amazing and I am so very thankful and appreciative for every moment. I was beat today though. My luggage was very heavy. I can lift, but my carry-on for my shoulder was taxing. And for some reason my feet swelled on the plane ride home and just got back to normal a couple hours ago. So today I rested. I let myself sleep in (til 8:24....I really have to learn how to really sleep in again haha).

I had such a great time that I actually looked up pricing for another. haha. And there are amazing rates for this summer.  I am available for Rent!  If you and your friends/family want to go and pay my way I will keep you active and train you on the ship :-)  I'm not kidding. If anyone from a Cruise line is reading this and wants me to come on and write about how to have fun and make it a healthy trip please let me know. I would totally be up for it!

Before I go I will give you a taste of some of the gorgeous photos I took this past week.

Have a Blessed Night

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