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The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 10

The Biggest Loser: Season 15 Episode 10

Last week Bobby went home. So we get to catch up with him this week. Sadly, I missed the very beginning. What I did see is that he was able to tell his dad that he is gay. And of course his dad was very supportive and just wants his son to be happy. YEAH!

Bobby is feeling freer and more confident. And he looks AWESOME!  He shaved and his face looks so thin. I cannot wait to see him at the finale!


Back at the Ranch.

It's a challenge right away. There is fire and a table with a sheet over it...intriguing! Ali announces that they are 10 weeks in and now they are going to Singles! Every Man and Woman for themself!  They all get their new colors. Marie says that now it's time for the real competition.

Ali tells them that they are now athletes and has a surprise for them. The final week on the Ranch will include the very first Biggest Loser Triathalon. They need to train to win because the winner will automatically earn a spot in the finale.

Ali tells them from experience that not only will it take training in running, biking, and swimming, but also endurance. And so she introduces the Ring of Fire....ooohh...

Each player has literally a ring of fire. Their challenge will be to hold a metal pole from 20 feet away and keep it from touching the bottom of the ring. To be fair, each player's pole will weigh 20% of their weight. The winner gets a 1 lb advantage.

Chelsea stresses how important 1 lb is. If the Blue team had lost just 1 lb more, than they would not have lost last week and Bobby would still be there.

David is holding 59 lbs.

Jennifer is holding 40 lbs. Her arms start to shake.

They make it to the first 5 minutes.

Then Tanya, who is holding 42 lbs is the first out.

Tumi follows with 47 lbs.

10 minutes. 15 minutes. 20 minutes. Jennifer is out.

Jay is holding 40 lbs. He says that it's getting really hard to change positions.

25 minutes.

Matt is holding 54 lbs.

Marie's legs are burning. She's squatting to use her legs and arms.

Hap is holding 64 lbs. He tried to switch hands and takes his eye off of the bar. He's out.

Rachel is holding 34 lbs.

45 minutes and like dominos they start to fall. Marie is out. Chelsea is out. Matt is out.

Only David, Rachel and Jay are left.  Jay says they are like statues.

75 minutes. 80 minutes. 85 minutes. 90 minutes. David is out.

It's down to Jay and Rachel, the two fiercest competitors.

*I missed how long they were there, but Rachel won. Go girl!

Then Ali announces that there will be a double elimination this week. Two people will fall below the red line.


Back in the Gym.

The trainers are excited that it's down to Singles. Dolvett yells about how he's been dying to get his hands on some of them.

He and Matt talk. He tells him that Matt is not the same guy that was on the Ranch on Week 1 and that it's his honor to train him.

Matt says that in Week 1 he felt like everything he was asked to do he couldn't do. Now at Week 10 he pushes "How fast can I do it?" *LOVE LOVE LOVE*

Bob asks if all of his "Athletes" are ready. :-)  He has wanted to work with Rachel forever. She's a Beast!  He's also working with Jay and Jennifer too.

They are doing box jumps and Jennifer is having a hard time. She has a mental block on this and keeps freezing. This feeling ungrounded her and she doesn't like it. She was getting angry with herself for not being able to do it.

Jillian is working with David and Tumi.  During week 1 David couldn't even finish his first workout with Jillian. She asks him what his best mile is. He says 15. She says No. She wants 12. His actual time: 11:03. GO DAVID!

He says that since his first wife died he has been reactionary in life. Everything he has done has been in a defense mode. Jillian says that he always talks about everyone else. She wants to talk about him now. He talks about the pressure on young David when his wife died. He wants to go back in time and tell him that he's free now. 

I love this. Jillian tells him "Don't run at 15 when you are capable of 11".  For the first time in a long time David is looking forward to what is ahead in his life.


After the workout we find Jennifer recovering in the sports medicine room. Today was a very emotional day for her and she was mad at herself.

Bob asks her why she was mad. It's gotta be more than just that she couldn't do the jumps.

She says that she feels like she sabotages herself *I soooooo identify with that*.  Bob reminds her of how far she has come. She says that it's important for her to have these moments because she has to learn out to deal with these emotions.


Jay and David are talking about the challenge and they want a rematch with Rachel at the pool.  She agrees. Loser brings breakfast in bed. The boys were a tad tricky though and jumped in the pool before she is done getting down to her swimwear. Obviously they win and she agrees to bring them breakfast in bed the next day.

It's a great plug for Subway breakfast sandwiches. haha. It's a good thing that I heart Subway!


Last Chance Workout

Hap is worried. His numbers haven't been the greatest. This week he is going to push it. I can see it in his face.

The trainers have Jay running at a 11.0 (11 miles an hour). My goodness his legs are soooo skinny. He wants to get into Onederland sooo bad.

David says now that it's singles this is his week to shine.


Weigh In.

Not only are they in Singles, but they also get to keep their shirts on for the weigh in. It's always a good milestone.

Since Rachel won the Challenge she goes first.

Rachel started at 171 lbs and now weighs 167 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. Plus her 1 lb advantage. 2.92%
Chelsea started at 192 lbs and now weighs 177 lbs for a total of 4 lbs. 2.21%
Jay started at 201 lbs and now weighs 196 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 2.49%
  -Rachel is safe for the week. Jay has lost a total of 101 lbs on the Ranch.
Marie needs more than 4 lbs. She started at 192 lbs and now weighs 187 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 2.60%
   -She is safe
Tumi needs more than 5 lbs. She started at 235 lbs and now weighs 226 lbs for a total of 9 lbs. 3.85%
   -She is safe and happy. She hasn't seen that number in a decade.
Before David weighs in Jillian says she afraid that if he doesn't do well that Dolvett will kill her. haha.
David needs more than 7 lbs. He started at 294 lbs and now weighs 282 lbs for a total of 12 lbs. 4.08%
   -He is safe. Dolvett calls him a Warrior.
Tanya needs more than 5 lbs.  She started at 208 lbs and now weighs 201 lbs for a total of 7 lbs.
   - She is safe. Chelsea is starting to get worried.
Hap needs more than 7 lbs. He started at 321 lbs and now weighs 316 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 1.56%
   -Jay is safe. Bob says that the key is consistancy and that Hap struggles with that.
Jennifer needs more than 4 lbs. She started at 200 lbs and now weighs 195 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. 2.5%
   -Hap is going home. She is safe and in Onderland. It's been 17 years. Her kids have never known
     her at this weight.

Hap has lost 87 lbs and says that there is so much that he can take from this experience. Bob says that he is one of the people that he looked forward to working with.

So now it's down to Matt or Chelsea going home. They are very good friends so it's going to be hard on both of them no matter what happens.

Matt needs more than 5 lbs. He started at 268 lbs and now weighs 263 lbs for a total of 5 lbs. He is going home.  He is so thankful that he was Saved 4 weeks ago. He has lost 93 lbs and is happy with his results. Bob says that he is so glad that he used the Save on him. He deserved it. Matt says that this was worth postponing his wedding and that he held his promise.

Just as he and Hap are getting ready to leave Ali tells them that they aren't going anywhere just yet...she says to say good bye to the trainers and then there is a twist.

All of the eliminated players are back. One of them will have a chance to come back to the Ranch....

But, we won't know who for 3 weeks. SAY WHAT????  Nice cliff hanger Biggest Loser...well played. See you January 7.

Have a Blessed Night

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