Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random Wednesday: Snow, Amnesia, and Florida

Happy CHILLY Random Wednesday,

Well if you live anywhere near me you have been under a blanket of snow and ice for a few days. This has put me a little behind on my holiday preparations. Basically I lost 3 possible shopping days. BAH!  The bonus is that I worked from home the past two days. While that tends to drive me crazy, it was a blessing. I got to work from my bed with my knee elevated.  I did have to force myself to get up and walk around periodically to get the blood flowing.

It sucked food wise. But, this is a great example of "If you buy it, you will eat it." I am like a caged animal when I am forced to be home. Whether I am hungry or not I tend to want to snack all day long. Luckily I had only essentials. There was no extra snacking.


Also thanks to the snow, I had to reschedule my full massage. BAH. That's okay. It was tonight. Oh man did I need it. I hurt. I got some extra time on my legs and glutes.


I was very close to losing my free Starbucks drink *OH THE HORROR*. My original plan was to use it on a Venti Hot Chocolate after the race on Saturday, but I did not have the energy to walk around the finish line to the Starbucks. So then I decided I would use it on Sunday before I headed home.

I had just gotten it when I got a call from Dad telling me how bad the weather was up home and I should plan to stay the night.  I could have napped, but now I was all caffeined up. oops.

Grande white chocolate mocha with peppermint...HEAVEN


How am I still having a hard time accepting that I fit in Mediums and Smalls. It's been a long time, but I still reach for the Large first. I have at least gotten away from XLs. 

I guess the good news is that I'm always pleasantly surprised when the Mediums and Smalls fit. It's like I have size amnesia.


Watching the Biggest Loser makes me ache right now. Why am I not a Fulltime trainer yet???? I know the answer, but it's starting to feel like I am an animal in the zoo who was promised to be let free. I know it's only a few months til everything changes and all, but ugh I hate sitting behind a desk all day.

Trying not to get too excited...but I begin my journey to Floriday next Friday. HOLLA!  I won't actually get there until Sunday night, but that's okay. I am dreaming of shorts and flip flops...


I have sooooooo much to do before I leave for this weekend and next weekend. I have shopping to do. I have packing to do. I have people to visit. When the heck am I getting to the gym???  This week is out, but if I can get most of my stuff done tomorrow then I have a shot at 2 nights next week. And if I get everything done then I can walk at lunch...I'll brave the holiday shopping crowds. It'll be worth it.

Since I'm so booked the key for the next 10 days is most definitely watching what I eat.


Ms. Bibble is still in the hospital. I am feeling so horrible for her, but totally enjoying all of her selfies with the people taking her to x-ray. :-) She's hurting so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

No matter how much my legs and knee bothered me after the race there was no complaining. I have it so easy compared to her.

Have a Blessed Night.

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