Friday, January 15, 2016

Updating your playlist and more

Happy Friday Bleeps,

It is a cold and rainy day and I am finally doing something that has been on my To Do list for ages. I am finally updating the music on my ipod...basically I have not synced it to this new computer since I got it...and I got it last April. Goodness I need to freshen up my playlists. Of course I have 100 things to do (book club is tomorrow and I am seriously behind, but frankly even I read every minute between now and then I will not finish...really need to check the page count next time we pick the books).

I love that I have several different running playlists. It really just depends on my mood. I have a country, a rock, a hip hop, a marathon, a 5k, and a Go Faster. I like to switch things up.

I know not everyone listens to music, but I can't stress enough how much my body responds to the beat even if my brain wanders.

I am on the search for new sneakers. I am not running until then. So for now I am walking. The other day my legs felt like lead. I think a snail passed me. If it wasn't for my playlist I would have stopped altogether.

Some people like the message from the song and some people like the beat. I like both, but if the beat is too slow it doesn't matter how amazing the message is. It doesn't make the cut...except for Chariots of Fire. That ALWAYS makes the cut.

Here are the playlists sent to me. I'm gonna add some to mine.

December 2015

The strength of this month's mix is its simplicity: big acts, catchy choruses, good vibes. The end of the year is plenty hectic on its own—without additional challenges in the workout music department. So, don't overthink it. Just try a few tracks below, then make a few tracks through the snow.
Here's the full list, according to votes placed at Run Hundred--the web's most popular workout music blog.
Missy Elliott & Pharrell Williams – WTF (Where They From) – 120 BPM
Daya – Hide Away – 95 BPM
Grimes – Flesh Without Blood – 156 BPM
Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime – 113 BPM
Selena Gomez & A$AP Rocky – Good for You (Phantoms Remix) – 119 BPM
Audien& Lady Antebellum – Something Better – 126 BPM
Rudimental& Ed Sheeran – Lay It All on Me – 123 BPM
The Weeknd – I Can’t Feel My Face (Martin Garrix Remix) – 127 BPM
Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancin’ – 128 BPM
Andy Grammer – Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah) – 120 BPM

January 2016

In the same way the playlist bridges the musical past and the present, it can also serve as a bridge between the person you were in 2015 and the person you resolved to become in 2016. So, when you're ready to for some inspiration, here's the full list--according to the votes logged on workout music site Run Hundred.
Twenty One Pilots – Heavydirtysoul – 130 BPM
Zara Larsson – Lush Life – 99 BPM
The Chainsmokers & ROZES – Roses (The Him Remix) – 122 BPM
Diplo& Sleepy Tom – Be Right There – 126 BPM
Sigala – Easy Love – 124 BPM
Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams (R3HAB Remix) – 130 BPM
The Weeknd – The Hills (Daniel Ennis Remix) – 126 BPM
David Guetta, Sia & Fetty Wap – Bang My Head – 108 BPM
Selena Gomez & Borgore – Same Old Love (Borgore Remix) – 110 BPM
Demi Lovato – Confident (The Alias Remix) – 130 BPM
To find more workout songs, folks can check out the free database at Visitors can browse the song selections there by genre, tempo, and era—to find the music that best fits with their particular workout routine.

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