Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Random Wednesday: Girls on the Run, Marshmallows, and Headbands

Happy Random Wednesday,

Guess what starts next week. Girls on the Run!  Woo Woo! I am coaching at a different school this season. I'm sad not to see my girls again, but I'm getting excited for something fresh. Plus it's a very small world. Last week I got a private message on Facebook from a woman who is starting her journey and had found my information on a group page. She had been reading my blog. We talked a little and it turns out that her daughter is enrolled in Girls on the Run at the school I am moving to. I'm her coach. How cool is that?  That got me so excited. Hey Jessica!


Last night I found myself eating marshmallows and drinking Sangria. And I may do it again...


I have several 2016 day planners. I turned my big book into my workout planner. I love it. I put it in the monthly page and then I get super detailed on the daily pages. So when I feel sluggish I just look at the month and see how many workouts I've done this month. YEAH!


If you like running headbands then check out They are all on sale for $5 right now. I just got a few. The designs are cute and I got them within 3 days.

I'm living in headbands while I'm growing out these darn bangs.


Tomorrow I have a meeting in the afternoon and then I am heading over to Ms. Tracy's to watch her kids while she and her husband go to see Wicked. First of all, yes, I am super jealous. Second, I will sort of be in the area by Zoe's kitchen (not really) so obviously I am going to pick up dinner there on my way.


I'm not gonna lie. I watch a lot of older shows on TV. I like watching all of the Law & Orders, Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, and Diagnosis Murder. Usually I'm doing things while it's on so I'm not always paying attention, but Dang the commercials. I know it's all about marketing and targeting your audience. However, they don't seem to think highly of people home during the day who watch these channels. The commercials are all for weight loss and medicine.

It's funny, when I switch to ESPN the commercials are all for trucks and razors.  

So is it that the people who watch ESPN during the day are fit and healthy? 


The Polar Plunge is next weekend. I should probably try on my bathing suit soon.


NASCAR starts up again next month. HOORAY!  In case you missed it, this will be Tony Stewart's last season. And to show how serious he is taking it, he has changed his eating habits and started working out to be in the best shape possible. Ahem...CALL ME!  I can help! :-)


um yep, I finished off the marshmallows

Have a Blessed Evening
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