Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exercise is for more than just weight loss

Hello Lovelies and Gents,

It's no surprise that I was extremely stressed out about my injury and being sick and how that affected my cardio and workouts. It was extremely frustrating on so many levels.

One that I haven't really talked about is my Blood Pressure. I have pre-hypertension. Basically I am at risk of hypertension which puts me that much closer to Blood Pressure medicine. That would reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, and even kidney disease. High Blood pressure runs in my family. I have been able to manage it with eating healthy and regular exercise. My average blood pressure is still higher than normal, but I'm less than I was before I changed my habits.

What are contributing factors to high blood pressure? Stress is one. Workouts help reduce stress. So for me it's a double whammy. I'm not reducing my stress and I'm stressing even more because I'm unable to workout. Another factor is obesity. So basically if I am not doing my workouts then chances are that I am gaining weight. That just adds to my stress. Another factor is salt intake. We know I am a stress eater. I like my sweets, but I just as easily enjoy my salt...pretzels...pita chips...tortilla chips.... So stress leads to stress eating which means more salt which increases my blood pressure which increases my stress. Caffeine is another level. Caffeine increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and tension levels. One guess who has been drinking 1-2 coffees a day to stay awake. Me? Ding! Ding! Ding!

Are you seeing where this is going?  I am almost certain that my Blood pressure level was too high for the past couple of months.

My body is responding to my workouts. Muscle memory is a great thing. I'm feeling so much better mentally and physically. I still have stress. In fact, this weekend an opportunity presented itself and I have been stressing about the impact on my daily routine if things workout. Thank goodness I have been working out.

I do not want to go on medication if I don't have to.

Have a Blessed Evening
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