Sunday, January 3, 2016

Feeling human again!

Hello Beautiful People,

I have good news. I'm still alive!  Woo Woo!  The coughing has just about come to an end and I have been active for the past two days. I think I'm ready to hit the gym tomorrow.

2016 didn't exactly start with a bang. It was more like a big thud. I literally spend 24 of the first 30 hours asleep. Basically, my lungs were super exhausted from 3 weeks of coughing. I didn't have a restful sleep for 3 weeks and my lungs just gave out. I slept. It was a little weird and for those moments when I was awake I could barely move. I had zero energy. Saturday was all good though. I was well rested and ready to go.

I spent the whole day doing things that have been on my To Do list for months. I started light by taking down Christmas decorations (not my tree though). I also spent some time cleaning the bathroom. Then I got a call and ran out to meet Ms. Amy for lunch and a little shopping. I wasn't really into spending a lot of money, but I was happy to be walking around and not feeling completely run down. Holla!

When I got back home it was ON!  I took on my closet, my dresser, and my book shelves. Ahh...I felt so much better. But, I may have over done it. I wasn't coughing, but I hadn't been that active in weeks. I was experiencing leg cramps when I got into bed.

Today I got a lot more done, but mostly in the sitting position. I spent some time after church with Ms. Tracy working on a healthy habit program we are initiating for families at church. That feels good. In the back of my mind all day I was thinking about tomorrow. I'm going to go to the gym and get on the treadmill. It will be a light walk, but it'll be my first test on my lungs in almost a month.

The 100 miles/month group I started on Facebook is doing great. I have been so proud and excited for everyone and secretly dying that I haven't been able to post anything. It's killing me. I can't wait to get out there tomorrow, but I also know I have to take it easy. I will get there. My next Marathon is 11 months from today. My next Half Marathon is in about 9 weeks (yeah I gotta get moving on that). But, more importantly the Polar Plunge is in a month.


I have to get bathing suit ready in a month and I have been a big slug for what feels like forever. I mean I am feeling like a beached whale. So after the treadmill I will assess my situation and write out a workout program for myself. I have some brand new planners for 2016 and they are just itching to be filled in.

I am quite realistic and I will not be in a bikini this year for the plunge, although after the last one I swore that I was going to one pieces from now on for the chest support, we don't need to rehash the whole 'caught on video on the news and it wasn't exactly Baywatch' moment.

Alrighty kids, it's time for bed and I'm a little excited that I don't need to take Nyquil to knock me out. WOO WOO.

Have a Blessed Evening
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