Friday, January 22, 2016

Prepping for the Ice Storm

Hello Beautiful People,

On Monday the forecast for Thursday and Friday was 40 and rainy. That changed as the week went on and we were being warned of an ice storm a coming.  Okey Dokey.

At first it was supposed to arrive late on Friday and then lighten up Saturday afternoon. So my plans were to make sure to get to the gym after my clients on Thursday morning and hopefully Friday morning. The back up plan was home workouts, but I don't have a treadmill at home and I don't exactly run outside on ice.

Thursday morning I went to my first clients who promptly rescheduled their Saturday morning sessions just to be safe. When all of my morning clients were done I ran to the gym to get 7 miles in. Now let me stress that it was mighty cold that morning. So I left the house wearing two layers. After my 7 miles I put both layers on again, if only to keep the sweat from the seat in my car. I was starving and needed to grab some food before my next errand. It was late into the lunch hour and I was so very hungry. So I went through the Wendy's drive thru for a small burger.

Girls on the Run starts in a couple weeks so I needed to run to the office to pick up our bag and curriculum. They moved their office and I got a nice tour of the place. I love it. I also kept apologizing because I was certain that I was stinking up the joint. The smart thing would be to go home and shower before running to the store for storm essentials, but by now the start of the storm had been pushed up to later that evening. So I took my stinky self to BJs. We needed salt for the steps and some duraflame logs in case we lost power. And of course I needed a bottle of wine and marshmallows for hot chocolate. I didn't get marshmallows there because quite frankly I couldn't fathom how much I would need to buy in bulk. I did get bananas, a few margherita pizzas, and some morning star patties. Oh I was so excited, I found organic quinoa and sweet potato patties.

It was very hard to shop. You know the rule: If you buy it you will eat it. I was walking through some aisles thinking Oooh...Oreos...ooh...sun chips...oohh cheese popcorn...oooh chocolate. I resisted.

So then I ran home and showered. I got a check in the mail so I decided to run back out to the bank and go get my hair cut. Growing out my bangs is driving me crazy and I thought if I cut an inch off of the rest it would feel better. I decided to make a quick run to Target for some extra water just in case and of course marshmallows....and sadly I couldn't resist and got chocolate.

Last night my 6am client asked to reschedule this morning's session to next week so I got to sleep in a little. Hooray!  I feel like I was fighting something off and was coughing up some junk. I planned out morning workouts for today and tomorrow and got started. Today was a good Back day. Tomorrow is chest and shoulders.

I made sure to drink my water and stay hydrated. I also had a pretty awesome cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I had so many exciting things planned for today and tomorrow. I wanted to paint. I wanted to read. I wanted to knit. I wanted to blog. I wanted to clean out my closet. I wanted to go through my Girls on the Run stuff. I wanted watch movies. Instead, I passed out. I napped for about 4 hours. It felt like New Year's Day again. It's okay though. If I nap for that long then I seriously needed it.  I'll just have to do everything tomorrow. haha.

Have a Blessed Evening
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