Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Saturday: Joyous moments with my clients and some hot dinner moments

Hello Beautiful People,

Today has been an interesting day.

It started with a client session with my 68 yr old couple. It brought me great joy. We have been talking for several months about proper footwear Today when I arrived the first thing I noticed were the new socks and then the sneakers! YEAH!  Then she proceeded to tell me that she also bought walking sneakers, a pedometer, and a heart rate monitor. My heart soared. I love making a difference.

When I left I had planned on going to the gym, but we finally had a little rain last night and it was a little bit cooler. So I opted to go to the park. I thought of some problems, but decided that I would get through it.

1) I didn't have an extra water bottle. I would need to use the water fountain.
2) I don't have my extra set of keys. I will just need to carry the big set.
3) I was wearing a cotton t-shirt. I would have preferred a quick dry shirt. I will stick to the shade.

I made it through 2 miles before I ran out of water. I stopped to fill up my cup in the water fountain and had to wade through dozens of kids who were filling up their water guns. It was awesome. A massive water gun fight had broken out in the park. Genius. Anyway, my cup was too big to get a lot of water in it before it started spilling out. Bah.  I got a third mile in and headed out.

I was so sweaty and thirsty that I had to immediately stop at the gas station and run in for a Gatorade. refreshing.

A little later in the day I went to Starbucks to get some work done. Ms. Caroline joined me for a little while. Then we went over to Target for a little bit. We were both hungry and decided to go grab dinner. I was starving so we crossed the parking lot to Buffalo Wild Wings.

My lunch today mainly consisted of a turkey sandwich and lots of vegetables on the side. I didn't get my afternoon snack and I was super hungry. We ordered the spinach artichoke dip to share. We were intrigued because it came with pita chips and veggies to dip in it.

My entrée was the buffalo chicken flatbread. I opted for the mild buffalo sauce. I can't handle spicy. It was good. There were small pieces of grilled buffalo chicken with celery and blue cheese. As hungry as I was, I couldn't finish. My stomach is much smaller than it used to be.

While we were there they announced that there was a Blazing Challenger. The Challenge is to eat 12 blazing hot wings in 6 minutes. It was happening right behind us on the other side of the wall. A crowd was gathering. A waitress came around the corner and caught our eyes. She made a face and came over. We asked who was doing it. "It's just a kid. He has 4 to go and 3 minutes to do it. I have seen grown men cry trying to finish. He's fine. He's going to do it."  There was a large cheer when he finished.

I have talked before about my feelings on food competitions. Food is nourishment for your body, not a competition. I am frankly mortified that the parents let this kid (barely looked 10 yrs old) compete in this challenge. First of all, let's talk about what we are all thinking. That kid is going to HURT on the toilet later. Second of all, he wasn't obese, but this young kid was overweight. I silently wept at the struggles he will face. Overweight kids face an even bigger challenge to start a healthy lifestyle. After all, it's most likely completely new to them. How do you break literal lifelong habits? Who will educate and help them?

I literally felt like throwing up the whole ride home. My stomach was so upset. That "mild" sauce just about killed me. I've had 3 tums since I got home. We'll be crossing this off the list of dinner options for the future.

Have a Blessed Evening
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