Thursday, June 4, 2015

1200 calorie salads

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

So last night I went to dinner at a new food joint in town. It has a Tex Mex menu. You know how much I love them. I went with Ms. Jessie to catch up after her wedding.

It was both of our first time. When we walked in the handed us a menu and then sent us to the counter. We hovered around looking at the menu for a little while. The first thing we noticed was the option for wheat tortilla. The calories were listed and the range on items was interesting. Some had a huge difference between the high and the low. 

I opted for 2 chicken tacos on wheat tortilla. I also made it a Powerlite meal. That means that I had lowfat cheese and sour cream.

Something that drives me crazy. The calories on the salads were insane (1100+). So many people think that they are eating right by getting salads when they go out and they are not.

Things to avoid in your salads: Breaded/fried chicken, red meat, dairy products (and yes, I was that girl who smothered her salad in cheese...well because cheese makes everything taste good), creamy dressings, bacon bits, croutons, tortilla shells, etc. You get the idea.

Low-fat creamy dressing can be gross. I can remember trying it and wincing. It made me not want to eat salads. Once I made the switch to Balsamic Vinaigrette my life has gotten so much easier.

I rarely get salads as my main meal when I go out to eat. Quite frankly they rarely have enough vegetables for me. I especially avoid them if they only offer ice burg lettuce. No nutritional value there.

Look at all of the ingredients and the calories.

Have a Blessed Evening

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