Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Wednesday: Tony Stewart, Chocolate Pudding, and Incentives

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Are you excited? This Sunday is the Daytona 500!  HOLLA!  So happy to have Nascar back. Oh how I have missed it….and Tony Stewart.

Luckily for me he was in the news this past weekend. He was the recipient of the first Black Flag of the season during practice. The Black Flag means that officials want to see him in the trailer. The headline: Stewart refuses to Weigh-In.

Hold the phones. Here’s the story: Every year at the beginning of the year the drivers are required to weigh in so that they can factor in their weight during race inspections. This is nothing new. Tony was out practicing when they called him in. He refused to leave practice for it. Luckily for us the media opted to focus on his weight and not the actual situation. That pisses me off! The story had nothing to do with that,  but for goodness sake let’s call him out. SHAME ON YOU MEDIA! SHAME!

Hey Tony Stewart…CALL ME! I got your back!


I have been craving chocolate pudding something CRAZY lately.


The toe nail is still hanging in…gross…but still there. Tender, but still there. It’s never going to fall off…grrr


I hit the treadmill today. HOORAY!  I got in 5 miles. They were slow and I was still coughing, but I felt good about them.  I’m feeling good about getting back out there tomorrow. The plan is still slow, but longer. If I am feeling good then the plan is to start a run on Friday. Cross your fingers.


Day 1 with no games on my phone is almost in the books. I survived…of course I was also out of the house for 11 hours.


Book club is this Saturday. I’m still reading Boys in the Boat and still loving it. I can’t even tell you how lazy I feel when I read it. These guys spent their summers jack hammering mountains to make enough money to go to college. They worked their butts off and didn’t even get scholarships.  Their work ethic was just simply amazing.


When I came home yesterday I had a lovely package waiting for me. It’s my Run for Autism package. Woo Woo!  I got my racing jersey and my training t-shirt. It’s time to get crackin on the fundraising.   I am formally asking everyone who reads this to post my fundraising page on your facebook or twitter page. Pretty pretty please!


I really want to see that new Kevin Costner movie about the cross country kids. It’s my new incentive. I can go after I get in a distance of 13 miles. Positive incentives. It’s all good.


So proud that I have not raided the clearance Valentine’s day candy. GO ME!


Okay I REALLY want some chocolate pudding. What the heck?


Today a client that I have been working with for 2 months completed 100 push ups during our session. He was completely amazed at his progress. I love my job!

Have a Blessed Evening

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