Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random Wednesday: Short and sassy, Tony Stewart, and Mental Battles

Happy Random Wednesday Y’all,

Okay, I should tell you now…I cut my hair. I know. I know. I was supposed to let it grow out so that I could have a pony tail for the Marathon, but it was driving me CRAY CRAY. I will suffer for one morning if it means that I can look cute the rest of the time.


I LOVE IT!  It’s short and sassy.  I am ready for Tony Stewart to call. Just sayin. Hey Tony Stewart, CALL ME!

2.5 weeks til Daytona!  


I don’t want to make you jealous, but I made big purchase this week. I had been wanting to make it for a long time. I got a new tea kettle. HOORAY! I walked a lap of the mall looking at three different stores. I fell in love with a big cobalt blue one that was $10 more than a cute little red one.  I couldn’t justify spending an extra $10 just for a color. So I got the red. And it works just fine. It even whistles. YEAH! My old one sort of hummed. I’m a little too excited about this.


Yesterday I met Ms. Marisol at Panera for lunch. I hadn’t been in a while and the parking lot was a mess. They are doing construction and the spots are tiny for cars my size. The problem is that it was a bunch of SUVs trying to park. I was feeling like it was a bad decision.  Then I remembered the Hidden Menu. I ordered the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Oh it was heaven. It gets me mad that the healthiest options are Hidden though. I get that it’s a gimmick, but hide other things please. Give the people a chance. 

The food was yummy and a highlight of the lunch was being handed a friend’s credit card and being told to order him something healthy for lunch. That brought me joy.



I am a little disappointed in myself. I did not get to 100 miles in January.  I know that there were some circumstances, but there were days that I could have done more.  I’ve been taking February seriously.   I will do it!

Today I was tired. My knee was hurting while I was laying in bed last night. My legs are sore. My shoulder is tight. I didn’t feel like it today, but tomorrow is a long full day so it is my Rest day by default. I had to get out there today. I literally sat in my car for a half hour talking myself into it. At which point I told myself I could have been done by then. Grr. Stupid Mental battle.  I did it though.


Last week was the Finale of the Biggest Loser. I’m still a little sad that I didn’t watch this season, but it’s okay. 


I’m a little excited. I am babysitting again on Saturday for the family with the little girl with Cerebral Palsey. It is going to be sunny and 60 so we will be at the park most of the day. Hooray!


I’ve been watching some shows online and horrified by some commercials. There is a commercial that has women sitting around a table talking about the diets they are trying. One is on the Baby food diet “You don’t see any 200 lb babies.” Honest to goodness I am so offended by this commercial that I can’t even go on.   I hate that it portrays women as that stupid and I hate that there is some merit to it.


Last week I picked up some Gevalia Mocha Latte for the keurig. I wanted to check Monday night to make sure that I could make sure it worked in the morning.  I can’t have caffeine after 2pm for a reason.  It kept me up. Then I had another cup in the morning. I had a very hard time at the gym that morning. I felt like I was going to need to use the bathroom all morning. Grr.


I signed up for my Run for Autism Research fundraising page. Tell your friends!

Have a Blessed Evening

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