Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was my own client this week

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

I am so happy that I am feeling better. I was practically delirious to get back on the treadmill. It’s not my favorite, but the weather did not allow for anything outdoor. The trails were not clear of ice.
My first day back I got in 5 miles. I was happy. I wanted more, but I needed to ease my way into it. Plus I was suddenly aware of how little I had eaten for two weeks. I was sick. I was not burning the calories, so I did not consume them. I was weak on the treadmill. 

My second day out I put in 6 miles. I had wanted more, but it was a faster pace and I was still aware of how I hadn’t eaten. Luckily I was starting to feel better and I was burning calories. I was hungry again and making sure to eat properly.

Fueling properly is so incredibly important. It makes all of the difference in the world. I just reviewed the lessons for Girls on the Run this week and we will be discussing healthy food choices. It’s never too early to start!

Friday I met Ms. Amy for lunch. We went to a place that didn’t offer too many healthy options.  They do have one of my favorite comfort meals: mac’n’cheese with chicken, bread crumbs, and broccoli. It’s a small portion, but heaven. I looked at the menu forever. I kept trying to find something else, but all of the sandwich options were crazy full of calories: mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, and super rich breads. So I opted for the mac’n’cheese. That meant one thing: Carb Loading. My fate was sealed for the next day. I was planning on it to be distance day, but now I had no choice. It had to be. I’m good with that.

I was hoping to get in 13 miles on Saturday. I am behind on my Marathon training. I really needed a distance. The training plan I am following had 8 miles for my distance this week. However, I missed the previous few weeks distances. The problem was that my body was not ready for that. I had book club and a client that morning so I got started later than I wanted.  The whole time I was on the treadmill I was making deals with myself. It was clear after 4 miles that my breathing was getting more difficult and I as unable to take deep breaths. I slowed it down and decided to stop at 8 miles. But then I still had time and decided to take a 1 mile cool down. It was hard, but I had to override myself desires and be smart.  I had to consider myself a client. I would never let a client do more than they were ready for after being sick. I know that my body needed to work its way back to its original form.

I was planning on a run tomorrow, but I’m not sure it will happen. My knees were killing me today. This is why it’s really hard for me to follow training programs to a T. I have to factor in my knees. So tomorrow may be a walk.

I also did something last week that wasn’t the smartest thing. At Girls on the Run we let the girls run the hallways of the school. After one lap they slowed down and started goofing off looking in classrooms. So I dropped everything and took off after them. I had already done 6 miles that day and this was running on school tiles. Basically, it was a most unforgiving surface for my knees. They still haven’t forgiven me. Grr.  As I write this they are nice and elevated.

Alrighty kids, Downton Abbey is over and I’m ready for bed…

Have a Blessed Evening

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