Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Wednesday: Snow, Girl Scout cookies, and Phone games

Happy Random Wednesday Yo!

Well it’s snowing…and I mean it IS SNOWING!  It is so beautiful. It started while I was at church tonight. It was such a beautiful drive home.  I love the snow. I’m sure those of you up north want to kick me in the teeth for saying that, but this is nice for me to see.

Snow means that my schedule is about to get all out of whack. No school means no Girls on the Run again…we didn’t have it Tuesday either. That makes me so sad. It also means that my client schedule will be jumping around. But, more importantly this will affect my marathon training schedule. Luckily I anticipated this and switched tomorrow to a cross training day.


Today a client paid me in Girl Scout Cookies. Hahaha. Not the full amount, but one box and she subtracted it from her payment. I am A-OK with that! Okay, maybe I suggested it. :-) 


I have been craving chocolate. So I picked up some dark chocolate Hershey kisses.


Have you seen the tiramisu frap at Starbucks?  I stopped at the one at Target today for a tall. They didn’t have it yet. Boo. I will try again at another location.

I was at Target to get some food for the impeding snowstorm. I picked up a rotisserie chicken, carrots, bananas, etc. I got me some good food!  I heard some talk on the radio about what people stock up on before a storm. Think Twinkies and Ho-Hos.


Sunday at church the Health Ministry team was providing healthy snacks between services. I was asked to bring pineapple. It brought me such joy to find some in the store, cut it up, and provide fresh sweet goodness. 

I also found a great handout in my mailbox. Now that Lent is upon us they suggest being good stewards of our bodies.

I love some of the suggestions they give:

*Lower the amount of sodium and sugar you eat
*Eat less red meat
*Join the church Fitbit Community site
*Find a buddy to walk with

Just to name a few


Yesterday I put together a workout for myself. I hadn’t really done any push ups in a long time, and frankly I couldn’t remember offhand when my last chest workout was. My workout consisted of 8 sets of 20 seconds each. I put in Push ups anyway. Happy to say that I knocked out 10 for each round. That was 80 in under 4 minutes. I am definitely in better shape than I give myself credit for.


I could tell that this storm was coming because my knees were SCREAMING last night. 


So it’s been a week since I gave up games on my phone for Lent. It’s been surprisingly easy. Go Me!


I am struggling with my short hair for running. BAH!  I knew I would. It looks super cute for the rest of the time, but I am dripping with sweat on the back of my head after 3 miles. It’s gross. Today it just dripped and dripped down my back. Ewww.

A big shout out to Ms. Amy for her donation for my Run for Autism. WOO WOO!  Thank you Ms. Amy!  Who’s next?

Have a Blessed Evening

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