Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No more games!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Grr…I can’t believe another week has gone by between posts. I’m starting to get really mad at myself. Sometimes they are legit reasons. Sometimes I’m just tired and lazy about it. I’m still getting over this coughing/lung thing. It’s almost gone, but I had a relapse on Saturday and it scared me.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to give up. Food isn’t really an issue. I don’t really drink alcoholic beverages. I thought about giving up Starbucks, but I go there for more than just coffee. I need the people. And so I settled on games on my phone. I gave them up before. Quite frankly I’m mad at how many found their way back on. When I am out and about I don’t give them a second thought. When I am home I get sucked in like crazy. That’s blogging time. That’s reading time. That’s knitting time. Grr. I know I need veg time, but I don’t want this kind anymore. Now, they will remain on my tablet, but all phone games are hereby banned for the next 40 days…and hopefully longer.

So this cough may just kill me. I’m ready to go for a run tomorrow, but I’m scared. What if it sets me back? The marathon is THREE months from today. I can’t have anymore setbacks. I simply cannot.  Last week I thought I was good. Then I had the relapse during Girls on the Run. I thought I was getting better and it happened again Saturday night. I couldn’t catch my breath I was coughing so hard. I’ve been fine ever since, with just a little cough, but I couldn’t take deep breaths until yesterday. I WANT TO RUN!!!! 

The positive in all of this is that I lost 5 lbs. I still haven’t gained it back so I may just be able to keep it off at this time. My big Reminder is that If I am not burning the calories then I cannot consume them. I did consume many on Saturday, but that was one day.

Saturday was Valentine’s Day. I had two clients in the morning, then I was meeting Ms. Caroline at Starbucks. We had a bananagrams challenge on. We didn’t get there until after 2 so I didn’t get a coffee drink. But, I did get a light caramel frappucino…you know for my sore throat and everything.  We had been there the day before and I saw chocolate covered sugar cookies…so I got one on Saturday.  That night I met some friends at a bar for the Syracuse/Duke game. Now we all know there will be no good option for dinner at a bar. I was stressing. I could just wait and have a later dinner at home. But, they had a burger and I had been craving one. So I ordered it. OMG…it was HUGE…and delicious! That’s what she said! It was worth it. Except that I was wearing tight jeans and I just wanted to unbutton the rest of the night.

I’ve been good about food otherwise so I’m not going to beat myself up. I have still craved burgers, but keep saying “you had one on Saturday, you’re good for a while.” Besides, it’s on reserve until I get in another distance training day…and that’s planned for Thursday so Woo Woo!

Alright, I have more to say, but I’m reserving it for Random Wednesday…it’ll be late when I get home just so you know. Kind of like tonight. Haha.

Have a Blessed Evening

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