Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle!

Happy New Day!

Yesterday's post was a result of my being mad at myself for my choices.  But there's good news!  You can always start over :-)  Got back to eating right today AND hitting the track after work.  I feel good. No, I feel GREAT! 

Your body is an amazing vehicle. You will probably see a difference in your body if you fall off the wagon for an extended period of time, but it will remember the old "you" quickly when you get back on track.  How awesome is that! 

Recently I was sick for about three weeks.  I had a horrible cough at night so it was really hard to go walking.  I could not take deep breaths without coughing so I gave my body a rest. Two weeks into it I had a nasty fall.  I fell and smashed my knees on the concrete step outside of my grandmom's house.  I skinned both knees and bruised the kneecaps.  That was four weeks ago.  It took me a week before I could walk at a halfway decent pace and another week before the seniors with walkers weren't passing me on the track.  Before the coughing I was walking 3-8 miles a day.  And now I was going a month without even walking one mile.  I wanted to cry every day.  It was going to take soooo long to make up that time.  I did my best eating right, but I could see my body changing.  But, for two weeks now I've been back to walking at least 3 miles every other day because my knees are still sore and not quite 100%.  But, the great news is that my body is back. 

It's so easy to say "Well I haven't been working out in so many days, one more day is not going to make a difference." or "I ate that most of that bag of cookies yesterday, what's the point of a salad today?".  That is the wrong attitude.  Don't forget that your body remembers.  It will respond quickly.  Just give it a chance.

Today is a NEW day.  Forget the bad ones.

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