Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day from a Chocolate Addict

Happy Valentine's Day My Lovelies and Gents,

Let's just put it out there. I will be doing everything I can to avoid stores for the next few days. I can't handle the after Valentine's day Chocolate sales.

If my chocolate addiction was for alcohol or drugs I might be dead by now. It's extremely hard to explain to people who aren't food addicts. If I know there is chocolate on the premise it consumes my brain. I can't concentrate on conversations. I can't focus on work. I just want that damn chocolate. Sometimes I am successful talking myself out of it, but other times it is all consuming and I can't resist.

If I treat myself it has to be to a single piece, because if I buy anything bigger I will eat it all.

To explain how strong the addiction is, let me say that sometimes I won't eat out to a certain restaurant because I know they have a dessert there that I just won't be able to say No to at the time. Forget that I could get a perfectly healthy meal, I know that I would cave for the dessert.

Yesterday I spent Galentine's Day with Ms. Amy, who proceed to lecture me on my lack of blog posts. So sorry, I will try to do better. We went to my favorite, Zoe's Kitchen, and then to Starbucks. Three nights this past week I was falling asleep before 8 pm. I needed some caffeine. This weekend was the special Molton Chocolate drinks. I got a Molton Chocolate Latte. I got a tall and OMG I don't think even I could have handled anything bigger. It was super sweet and decadent. It also kept me awake late into the night. It should have been enough, but I know there was chocolate in the house. I had another piece before dinner.

Today I was to lead a Heart Healthy Walk after church. In between services they had birthday cake for a member who turned 90. Okay, I can't be mad about that. But, I was teaching Sunday School to the kids so I made sure to stay in the gym and avoid the cake at all costs. That doesn't mean that every second I wasn't completely fantasizing biting into a piece. I stayed strong...but then I stopped for lunch on the way home and bought a brownie.

Hello my name is Jennie and I'm a food/chocolate addict.

Have a Blessed Evening
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