Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Random Wednesday: Pumpkin Spice, the Pope, and Tony Stewart

Happy Random Wednesday Bleeps!

Last week we started Girls on the Run again. Hooray!  I have missed these girls. I heart them so! They seemed to sprout up over the summer. I think they were getting their milk through IV.


Whenever I'm anxious I tend to have crazy dreams. Last week when my schedule was so crazy and tight I had a dream that I took my wet laundry to the gym and hung it on the equipment while I worked out because I didn't even have time to do my laundry...and when your clothes are as sweaty as mine that's disgusting.

Last night I had a dream that I was shopping in the plus sizes again. I actually woke up having an anxiety attack. Please note, I kicked my own butt with my workout today. That's my biggest motivation.


Did you see any of the Pope's visit? I am sending a big Shout out to the Pope after watching him this week. That man is 78 and had a schedule that would make 20 yr olds tired. He also has sciatica and was limping around, but man that man has energy.

I wonder if the Pope has a personal trainer....


I had an encounter with myself in a fitting room mirror this past weekend...ugh...I need to switch things up.


I started up a 100 miles a month group on Facebook. If you are training for an event or just want to keep active please join. It's a closed group, but I will approve anyone.


It's hard to keep away from sweets when there is pumpkin spice everywhere....


Over the weekend I heard that sad rumor that Tony Stewart would be retiring after next season. Well today was the official press conference. I am officially in mourning.

Although perhaps his schedule will lighten up to finally call me...hey Tony Stewart CALL ME! :-)

Have a Blessed Evening
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