Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Random Wednesday: Greek salads, Hunger Walks, and Yoga

Happy Random Wednesday,

I have been craving a greek chicken salad like crazy. I finally went out and bought the ingredients and made my own. YEAH!  It was yummy. I made one for lunch and packed a bowl for dinner too.

Tyson's cubed oven roasted chicken (just heat in the microwave)
Mediterranean Herb feta cheese
Greek dressing
pita chips

I'm not a fan of olives and onions, so I didn't add them.


Next month I will be walking in the CROP Hunger Walk again. I am also the recruiter for my church for this walk. It was an easy fit for me. My church has been extremely active and supportive for years. It was a little intimidating to go to the rally meeting and have everyone say "Oh you're from Advent! They always do a great job." I just hope I don't let anyone down. Our number of walkers and amount raised increases every year. So what's my goal? My goal this year is to get more of the youth involved. I don't want them to just walk it. I want them to understand why we are doing it. I want them to get it.

Please help me spread the word for my fundraising page:


Have you seen the new Lane Bryant commercial? Shout out to them!  It is a wonderful commercial with Plus size women in their underwear. Love it.


Girls on the Run starts next week. WOO WOO!


One of my favorite snacks is to freeze grapes. It's so refreshing on a hot day.


Monday I was the only person in Holy Yoga class. That means she asked what I wanted to focus on. HOLLA! We didn't have class a the week before and my legs were super tight. So legs it was. They felt so good after. I really needed that.


Sunday I squeezed myself into my size 6 jeans. I hadn't worn them in a while and they were quite the snug pair. I was able to button them, but sitting was extremely painful. I put on my oversized Ravens jersey and spent the first half of the game standing up. I then leaped into yoga pants for the second half. I need to put them on every day as a motivator.


This week I was approached by a friend who asked if I had any clients as old as she is. I was happy to tell her that I have clients who are older than she is. In fact, over 50% of my clients are over the age of 50. I love that. I love that these people aren't letting age become an excuse.

I love my job!


I am growing out my bangs again...the last time took FOREVER (two years) and I cut them after 6 months. I love my short hair and I love the possibility of it with long side bangs. We'll see if I can hold out.

Have a Blessed Evening
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