Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wedding weekend..spoiler: There was Cake!

Happy Tuesday Bleeps,

 This weekend we went to a wedding. Mom is a teacher with the Groom's mom, Eileen. And we have gone to some Keith Urban concerts with his parents in the past. haha. I love his parents. I only met the groom once, but I was really looking forward to this.

I am a non-conventional person and this was most definitely a non-traditional wedding. The bride and groom met in Art School and pretty much the entire wedding party went there too. They are artistic and performers. All I knew going into this was that the bride was weaving her own dress. I couldn't wait.

The ceremony and reception were being held at and arboretum. So you know it was going to be pretty.

On the creative side I loved the hand painted wood signs. I loved the flowers. The plants. the centerpieces were little bonsai trees with votive candles. Simple. Appropriate. Pretty.

Before the wedding I went for a 6 mile run. Then we had a 90 minute drive to get there. I wore a pretty dress that I got in Savannah (without trying it on and I have never worn it before). In full disclosure, I did wear some "help" under it. After the run and the water, I was a little swollen around the middle. For the first time that I had worn it, I didn't feel it the whole time. I actually forgot I was wearing it, even when I was sitting down.

I also wore my flip-flop sandals with the dress. They were pretty. But, I knew they were going to be a problem, but they were pretty. They just wouldn't provide any support.

We arrived a little late, thanks to traffic and GPS errors. It's okay though because the ceremony started a little late.

It was awesome! The bridal dress wasn't a dress at all. She weaved a top and pants for both her and the groom. And a cape for the groom!  I saw abs!  It was like watching Aladdin and Jasmine getting married. Note to self: Bare abs if I get married!

The ceremony was sweet. There were poems and specially written songs by the groom. It was lovely. And soon we were ushered upstairs for the receiving line and for Cocktail hour. There were some puff pastries out. One was like a little biscuit with pasta sauce in the middle. I was starting to get hungry so I had a few.

There was seating outside so we grabbed a couple chairs. I'm glad we did. Cocktail hour was over two hours and my knee was sore from the run, drive, and sandals. Oh I almost forgot. There was also champagne. It was served by a guy who I think thought he was Antonio Bandaras. haha. He was cute, but no Antonio.

Finally we were seated. It was an Italian theme and there were appetizers on every table. We had two plates. One was a muscles dish. I passed. But, I was all over the assorted vegetables. It was called Verdure Grigliate: Grilled Eggplant, zucchini and peppers marinated in a pesto sauce.  It was YUMMY.

There were a couple of dishes listed that I was interested in. We did eventually get the Mixed Plate of Prosciutto, sopressata, Bresaola with scarola, olives and cheese. That plate was huge and was literally passed around our table 3 times before we cleared it. I really wanted to try the Involtini di Melanzane alla Mediterranea: grilled eggplants stuffed with a mix of fresh tomatoes, olives, mozzarella cheese, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. We didn't get it though.

There were a lot of tables, but we were seated with relatives of the groom's mom so we got picked fairly early.

I started with some salad. And just as I was moving to the entrees they brought out the eggplant dish I wanted to try. YEAH! So I grabbed one. I got the hand made cheese ravioli with a couple of beef meetballs and a side of roasted potatoes. I um...also got a small plate with desserts. They were there staring at me! Calling me!  I like the fruit pastries. I like them A LOT!

My food was good, but it was very heavy in my stomach. I couldn't burp enough. I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

So here's something. I always always ALWAYS think I will like cannoli. And I always take one bite and then stop. I just can't do it. They had little regular ones and little chocolate ones. I didn't finish the regular and I didn't really like the chocolate one. Luckily I was looking forward to the cake.

After dinner there was dancing. LOTS of dancing. So much dancing. I love to dance, but I couldn't. First, my knee would not survive. Second, my belly was really not feeling well. Bah.

There was a little break in the dancing...it was cake time!  YEAH CAKE!

It was a vanilla with strawberries in it and it was delicious. While we were on our way to get a slice, the groom's mother noticed a new plate of desserts on the dessert table. I didn't take a picture and I don't know how to describe it, except that there was gooey caramel oozing on this chocolate delight. The three of us split one small slice. Savages that we were we skipped the plate, silverware, and napkin. It was messy and my fingers were sticky forever...and O...M...G!!!  Soooooo heaven in my mouth.

It was such a wonderful event. I loved every moment. I loved the people. Half of the guests were artsy and the other half were Kennedy-esqe. OH yeah, it was Awesome!  A once in a lifetime wedding.

My knee did hurt the next day. I had considered putting in a few miles even though it was my rest day, but I opted to rest the knee. It was worth it though.

Have a Blessed Night

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