Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Random Wednesday: Fall is around the corner

Happy Random Wednesday,

Wow, how did it get to be Wednesday already. ?

So did you know that Subway now has multi-grain flatbread?  I am so excited. I mean REALLY excited...probably too excited.


I am heading to Charlotte this week. I start the training position on Monday. I will be taking Summer stuff, but I started going through my Fall clothes. I am glad that I am going south. I don't want to cover up my body so much.


Pumpkin Spice comes out next week...just sayin...someone has a free drink waiting for her at Starbucks...I wonder what she's waiting to use it on...


Sometimes I want to run away and become a chocolatier. Possibly a dream job. But, I would probably eat it all.


Scales are tough. It's important to know your range. It's important to face it when you've avoided it for years (decades). Do you remember when I talked about stepping on the scale for the work weight loss challenge. I didn't look. I had not been on a scale in 15 years. I had absolutely no idea how much I weighed. I was guessing. The lady who charted our progress was the only one who knew. I told her I would look at the number when I lost 20 lbs. I was happy to hit that mark. And then I cried when I found out how much I weighed. Even after losing 20 pounds I was still heavier than I thought I was all of those years.

The scale is going down slowly. What it says is not important. I have noticed something lately. My Medium shirts are getting big. It's weird to think because I still have big boobs. How can big boobs fit in small shirts? Well the rest of me is small too.


I applied to volunteer with the Girls on the Run program in Charlotte. I was very excited that they wanted to talk to me about a coaching position. Then I learned that the 5K at the end of the program is the day of the Marathon. I was so sad.

After a little more discussion I can be an Assistant Coach this season. It will kill me to miss their 5K, but I will enjoy the 10 weeks prior. :-)


I am CRAVING guacamole. CRAVING it!


This week I had the job of writing my bio and selecting my photos for the Training Website. The photos were a little tough. How do I choose? If it was just me I would be fine, but the other trainers with their amazing bodies are on there too.  Gah it was stressful.

While I was looking through the pictures I found lots with long hair and I missed it. I also saw lots of pictures of really short hair and I missed it. I am a hair mess. 


Trainer's Tip

Many people neglect working their lower back. It's extremely important, especially if you lift heavy items regularly (grocery bags, kids, etc).

  1. Lie face down on a mat, with your arms fully extended above your head and your legs fully extended behind you.
  2. Lift your chest, arms and legs off the floor by arching your back. Only the tops of your quads and your lower abdomen should be in contact with the floor.
  3. Hold for a count of 2 while squeezing your abdominals and obliques.
  4. Return to the starting position for a count of one, then repeat.

Have a Blessed Night

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