Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You Only Get One Body. Be Good To It.

Hello Beautiful People,

It's been a crazy week since my last post. Sound familiar?  Well it all caught up to me and I hit my wall....and that lead to my crash and now I'm sick. Friday I was so exhausted when I got home that I just sat like a blob. On Saturday I ran around getting errands done and prepping for a week of house sitting. That whole day I could feel the scratchy throat and the sore neck. By the time I went to bed I was fully congested. Sunday I finally got out of bed and showered before falling asleep again. I think I may have been awake for a total of 4-5 hours on sunday. I felt better yesterday, but after a morning of clients and working at the pre-school I had to cancel my meeting that night and passed out. I definitely have more energy today though. Hooray!

I'm happy to be breathing and feeling better. I'm hoping for a good night sleep. Rest has been my biggest ally.

The irony is that I was planning a post on Friday about taking care of your body. I had been struggling all week. I have talked about it before, but it's time again. My scoliosis kicked my butt last week.

I have minor scoliosis from the years of wearing my backpacks and super heavy pocketbooks on my right shoulder. To compensate my body would hoist up the right side and as a result my left side got pushed down. Mine isn't so severe that you would notice if you weren't looking. But, the reality is that I did this to myself. My spine is crooked and my left hip is condensed. It's super tight. Every now and then I will have a bad day where it bothers me, but last week I had about 3 days in a row. I try to sleep flat on my back, but sometimes when I have a lot on my mind I end up curled up on my side. When that happens I generally can't bend over for the first half of the day, but my body becomes more flexible as time goes on.

Last week every step that I took felt like someone had stuck two rods into my lower back and twisted every time I took a step. Even sitting was painful. The only relief I got was from laying flat on the floor, and well I couldn't do that all day.

It eventually got better, but the first thing I did after clients on Saturday was shop for new sneakers. I wear my sneakers all day every day. You should only be able to get 300-500 miles out of your sneakers before it's time for a new pair. I have felt so much better and feel like I could run a marathon in them...oh wait, I will in 4 months.

Okay, I'm ready for bed...and some more Olympics. I can't wait to talk about it with you. Just remember to take care of your body. Listen when it needs rest. Use BOTH straps of your backpack. Check the bottom of your shoes for too much wear.

You only get one body, be good to it.

Have a Blessed Evening
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