Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hello My Name is Jennie and I have Olympic Fever!

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

It's time for me to go to sleep, but I am an Olympics junkie and Usain Bolt just won the Men's 100m so I'll be up for a little while.

If you find yourself in a conversation with me during the Olympics there is a 100% chance that the conversation will eventually land on the worldwide phenomenon. I have loved the Olympics for as long as I can remember.

Thank goodness for Social Media because I think there was a lull in popularity of the Olympics for a long time. I blame it on cable. When I was younger and there were not nearly as many cable channels, EVERYONE watched the Olympics when they came on. Bear with me for a minute while I get a little nostalgic. Boys and Girls, that was during a time when you had to actually watch the TV in order to know who won. It was lovely. Of course the downside was that we only had one channel providing coverage so we mostly saw highlights. I have been so annoyed this time around and tried really hard to stay off of social media because of spoilers. It hasn't worked.  BAH!

Also when I grew up watching the Olympics it was full of athletes who had other full-time jobs. There are still a good number of those athletes today, but more and more they are professional. But, as a kid there was always that dream that I could one day be an Olympian. Granted, I was the most unathletic kid, but I had that dream. That is the beauty of the Olympic Dream.

Have you seen the movie Eddie the Eagle? If you haven't., then you should. It's one of my favorites and it is definitely a Feel Good Movie. It's based on the real life story of a kid who's only goal in life is to be an Olympian. My dreams paled in comparison, but it reminded me a lot of how I felt about the Olympics. Granted, I always envisioned myself as an Olympic champion in the least athletic sports and focused more on skills. I pretty much thought I could be the best at archery, even though I had never picked up a bow and arrow. I just knew that it didn't involve running or swimming. Well okay, I was the queen of the handstands in my grandparents' pool so there might have been a little pool dream, but they don't have any events where your feet touch the ground.

Okay, I think it's time for me to try and wind down. I did have some coffee to make sure I was wide awake for Mr. Bolt's performance, but it's wearing off.

Have a Blessed Evening
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