Saturday, August 8, 2015

Food for thought...

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

The other night I was with a client in the fitness center at her development. I am not sure what show was on, but it was something like Inside Edition. Anyway, it was some sort of sensationalized news segment show.

The item that caught my eye was the video of the employee at Checkers who dropped a bun on the floor (I am unsure if it was on purpose or accident) and before picking it up she wiped the floor with it and then picked it up and slathered on some mayo prepping it for a customer.


Obviously people are outraged and horrified.

People are horrified that she did this. The company made a statement that they don't tolerate it. Okay story over.

I agree. It was gross and I was outraged...but for another reason. Where's the outrage about how much mayo she was putting on the buns? I mean, I will just put it out there. The odds are that whatever was on the floor is not nearly as bad as how unhealthy that sandwich is. Why aren't people more concerned about the fat and preservatives that go into their food? Germs are bad, but so is the other crap that gets slathered on burgers and sandwiches. Why is it so easy to be horrified at one and not the other? I CRINGE when I see some items on menus.

I think it's time people start getting a little more concerned about all of the ingredients that they eat (a little tip: Bacon doesn't need to go on EVERYTHING).

Just  food for thought.

Have a Blessed Evening
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