Sunday, August 16, 2015

Creepy Lazy Town

Hello Beautiful People,

One of my favorite times to go to the gym is Saturday morning. I do like the park on a Saturday, but there is something about the gym on a Saturday. Sometimes during the week it feels like people are there to just go through the motions, but those who are there Saturday morning instead of sleeping in, well they are dedicated. They push me faster on the treadmill.

It's also one of my least favorite times. There is a creepy show for kids on Saturday mornings that is always playing on the tv. Lazy Town. The whole thing is creepy looking. It drives me crazy.

It never dawned on me until last week that it's actually a good show for kids. The whole point is to teach them healthy habits. Last week the theme was about sugar. I'm so torn. I know this show has been on for several years so clearly it has an audience. If the messages are positive and healthy that's a good thing. Why does it have to be so creepy though?

I guess the good thing is that I won't be so horrified when it's on from now on. Bring on the Saturday Morning runs!

Speaking of, my back was really bothering me this week. It was a mixture of a few things. First, my mild scoliosis is the instigator. Second, I spent a lot of days running around all day and therefore carried 3-4 bags around or loaded up on to be too heavy. Third, I spent some time sitting on the floor playing legos. It's not easy to explain to a 7 yr old why you can no longer sit there or join her on the comfy couch for a movie because you must sit in the hard backed chair.

Because my back hurt I needed to rest it. My first day back at the gym I did 10 miles on the stationary bike because it had a high backed seat that I could press up against. My hip was hurting and the idea of the impact of running made me weep. I felt better yesterday though and I ran for 5 miles before getting on the bike. Oh it was a good run. Hooray!  I think I'm back to good now. I have yoga tomorrow just to be safe. STRETCH THAT HIP!

Have a Blessed Evening
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