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Cleveland Marathon - Part 3 Post race festivities

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Bleeps! (Ooops I really did start this last weekend)

I always forget a few things after I post about a race. So today I'll add the leftovers and tell you all about the post race days.

For weeks leading up to the race I was having issues with my left calf. It pulls on both my knee and my arch. So I was upping my banana intake leading up to race day....and since.

Since I wasn't familiar with the course I was a little concerned with losing my place on the course. I was fairly certain I would be okay for the first 9 miles when I knew there would be people around me. I was more concerned about later when I was on my own. They employed a colored flag system. The Green flags marked the route for the 10K. The Half Marathon flags were Red. And the Marathon flags were Blue. They marked the mile markers. They also had yellow signs along the way with color coding and arrows. That helped. Plus Blue is my favorite color....well besides purple, but that wasn't an option.

It's always fun to see what spectators bring out in support of the runners. I've been handed Dixie cups of beer so many times. This race I was offered grilled bacon and twizzlers. A nice twist.

When we were on mile 18 we passed a wine and martini bar. I had $20 in my pocket. If it wasn't a Sunday morning I think we might have been tempted to stop.

If' you've followed my distance races you know that I have had strange funky things happen with my calf. During two Half marathons it started on mile 10. During my first Marathon it happened on mile 15. I'm getting better. This time it waited until mile 18. I started a run and it felt like a spasm in my calf. The best description is that it feels like a snake is slithering inside my leg. Gross I know. It seizes me with fear that my calf will seize and I won't be able to take another step. It always slows me down. I can't seem to replicate it during my training. It's driving me crazy. This is now the 4th time it's happened.

One thing we figured out was happening during the race that we had no control over was sunburn. Even if I had applied sunscreen before it started, I could not have re-applied it over the next 7 hours. So yeah, we got sunburned. Awesome!

Always the girl scout I had packed a bag for the car ride home. It included a change of clothes, baby wipes, and a towel to sit on in case I couldn't change. There was no changing clothes and I got my towel out...then my brother asked if I wanted the Air Conditioning on in the seat...oh heck yeah I want that! Sorry Ms. Theresa for the sweaty bum, but that cool air on my butt felt so good.

Before we left Cleveland we had to feed newest nephew Mr. Colton. So Nephew Dominic and I watched Finding Nemo in the car while we waited. I like to use the "Just keep swimming" mantra as I run. It was appropriate. Made me smile.

My phone died just as we took the photo of me and Ms. Tricia. So I didn't get to look at my messages and facebook until it was charging in the car. I loved the texts and messages. One of the best was Ms. Abby from church had been receiving tracking messages via text and had told everyone at church how I was doing and then posted that I finished on facebook. I totally felt the love.

On the ride home I finally had to use the ladies room. I thought I was going to need to use a porta potty around mile 20, but the sensation passed. When we got home I practically sprinted up the stairs to go. Although I'm not sure it looked like a sprint, that's what it felt like. I'm quite sure that we could win some money if there was video of this. When I got up there I was a little concerned. I drank so much blue powerade I was afraid that my pee would be blue. It was not. Thank goodness. I did realize though that It was the first time I had peed in 12 hours and I drank gallons of water on that course. That's a LOT of sweat people!

Soon it was time for the most glorious shower in the history of showers. OMG I could have stayed in there forever.

That night we had pizza for dinner. I usually like burgers after distances, but after marathons I don't seem to be hungry. I have to tell my brain it's hungry. Hawaiian pizza is yummy. I did indulge in my mini oreos though.

I don't really remember the rest of the night. Lol. I know that I went to bed around 9. I had a hard time sleeping. My leg was achy. I had my leg propped up on two pillows. My feet hurt, but they were no longer swollen. It happens and I usually just have to wait it out.

I was able to sleep in a little in the morning. It was nice. But, I still got up to chill with my number one dude.

I was pretty mobile the next day. I was able to climb stairs and hop over toddler gates. The only thing that I struggled with was sitting down and standing up. Really wish they had handicap bars installed in the bathroom.

I was mobile until I passed out on the couch. I slept for 12 hours the night before and I took a 3 hours nap. I was a bit tired

The next morning I had to leave and it was really hard. I didn't want to leave the little munchkins and I didn't really want to do that drive home by myself. So I stalled and we played with the medals and took pictures.

Brother and I were very happy to have this experience together and we are so proud of each other. I did disclose that there were times during my training that he was my very least favorite person. haha. It was because of him that I was doing this. But, I am forever thankful that I did. My first marathon was not a fluke!  Besides, I came to realize just how amazing my mind and body are. I still don't believe that I was physically ready, but they overcame everything and pulled me through. No matter how I may doubt myself, this was proof that I am capable of so much.

On my long drive home I decided I wouldn't kill myself looking for a Subway. I could have a burger. I ended up at McDonalds and got a Big Mac. I didn't like it. I wish I had a real burger.

Before I call it a night, I should mention that all of my toe nails survived. HOORAY!  However, it has been two weeks and I'm still suffering with a tight calf. It's getting better, but it's not great. I was also having a hard time with my knee for a week. If I wasn't wearing my knee sleeve I couldn't walk. With my sleeve I was fine though. I will never part with it.

Thank you for sharing this journey. It's only 6 months and 5 days until the next one. haha. Who am I and what happened to the Former Fat Girl?

Have a Blessed Evening

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