Monday, April 27, 2015

Sleep and a Distance today...HOORAY

Hello Beautiful People,

I keep forgetting to give you the update on my toe nail. It did finally fall off...the day after I bought beautiful new open toe sandals. Grr...I am able to paint it so that it looks bigger than it is, but it's still awful compared to the opposite foot...why did it have to be the big toe nail????

I had a couple different posts that I wanted to write today, but it's later than I planned on starting and I need to go to sleep soon. I shall improvise.

I had a special bonus today. I have new clients that I meet with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (I cannot wait to tell you about them!) and they are away this week. I still have a 7:15 am client on Monday mornings though. Last night she asked if we could move it to later in the week. YES! There was a part of me that thought: Hooray I can get a true long distance in tomorrow! That part of me was quickly beaten over the head by the majority rule that screamed: YOU GET TO SLEEP IN! ahhh....I still woke up early for a pee break, but was quickly back in bed. I slept a little more than put on some tv and just cozied up. I got a later start to the day than I planned, but I am no longer running on empty. Isn't that awesome!  God clearly heard my prayers.

I still got a distance in today which was the plan so Hooray!  Sleep in and a distance. It was a good day. Then I met Ms. Crystal for dinner. I didn't have a lot to eat all day, which did affect my distance, so I was starving. We went to a coal oven pizza place that we had been curious about. I got a personal Hawaiian pizza. It was HEAVENLY.

I stopped for some groceries on my way home and I was walking around like I was 80. My knees and hips were killing me. But, I did pick up some veggies, milk, and chicken. I was hoping for some rotisserie chicken, but they were out and there was a line of people waiting for it...I couldn't stand that long.

When I got home I collapsed. I needed to elevate my knees STAT (aww...makes me think of McDreamy...sniff sniff I still can't talk about it). Did you happen to catch that knee was plural? good knee was hurting on the run today. I think I need to go get another patella strip for that one too.

And speaking of the patella strip...I'm getting my runner's tan: white feet and running shirt tan PLUS my patella strap. I have a nice strip of white under my knee. Awesome!  I need some pool time STAT! lol. I also got a little burn today. Not much, but my shoulders are red. I took my sport sunscreen, but forgot to put it on. DOH.

Have a Blessed Evening

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