Monday, March 9, 2015

Wasted Carb Loading...grrr

Hello My Lovelies and Gents,

So do you remember in my last post where I said that my knee was angry with me?  Well it’s true. It’s not horribly painful, but painful enough that I have to nurse it. And you know how well I handle injuries and setbacks.

Yesterday I didn’t have my Sunday morning client. So I was able to sleep in a little and wear real clothes to church. Yeah! I had plans to meet a friend afterwards for lunch and then I was planning on going to the mall to buy a new scale. I dressed in skinny black jeans and my knee high leather boots. They aren’t heels, but they aren’t supportive.

My knee was swollen and painful Saturday night, but it felt okay Sunday. I still wore my compression sleeve over it and it still felt okay.

When we discussed where to go I was very excited because I was carb loading. I still had hoped for a distance today. We selected a deli and I got a baked potato and a half of a turkey sandwich. We visited for a little while and then headed over to the mall. I didn’t know that she would be joining me so it was a nice bonus.

We visited a few extra stores and even made a trip to starbucks where I treated myself to a cake pop…salted caramel.

I got my scale and we headed out. By then my feet were killing me. They missed their cozy comfy sneakers. When I got home I took off the compression sleeve and my knee started SCREAMING. It was not feeling good. I iced it some more, but it was only a matter of minutes before I realized that I would not be doing a distance today.

I was frustrated. I was angry. I would not have eaten some things had this not been the plan. Grrrrrrr….

The marathon is 10 weeks away. I started my training late. I don’t have time for an injury. I will finish, but I may be crawling across that finish line at this point. I am going to go light this week. That means food too. And then I hope to have a nice distance on Saturday to compensate for this loss.

Have a Blessed Evening

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