Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Part 2: Turkey Dinner

Hello Beautiful People,

So when we left off Cousin Randy and I had left Dunkin Donuts after our Turkey Trot. We went to the gas station to put some air in his tires. When we pulled up there was a car in front of it. Now I don’t generally talk about people in a negative light, but one thing that drives me absolutely insane is when guys wear their pants so low that you can see their underwear. BUY A BELT!  It is literally the most unattractive thing ever. Well this dude steps out of his car with his pants so low we see two pairs of underwear. I couldn’t control my laughter. 

Alright so dinner was scheduled for 3:30. I took my shower and then collapsed in front of the tv. Luckily there was a Friends Marathon on. I lost a few hours, but then it was time to get dressed. I had been in sweats, but I put on jeans for the occasion. No way was I going waist-less. I needed to know when my waist was expanding.

Before we left we needed to get our veggie tray ready: carrots, peppers, celery and tomatoes. Good stuff. I also had a sandwich. I could not show up starving.

We got there a little early. We watched football and I snacked on veggies. Dinner was done early so we prepared our plates. A phone call came in and pulled some people away to talk, but I had already made my plate. We were told to start. So I did. I was halfway through my plate when I realized that I didn’t have any turkey yet. I had eaten my roasted veggies, stuffing, and part of my mashed potatoes. I still had corn casserole, a roll, and a deviled egg. Somehow I missed the sweet potatoes and cranberry dish. 

I literally finished my meal before everyone sat down. I cleaned that plate. It was slightly embarrassing. I was starving. I sat and let my belly fill before I getting up for seconds. It worked. I was done with one plate. Next up: Laying down on the couch…and unbuttoning. I felt sick. In the grand scheme of things I didn’t eat much compared to previous Thanksgivings. But, my belly was full of starches and roasted veggies…ie. GAS. I was guzzling ginger ale. It made me burp and I had some relief. But, I was severely uncomfortable for hours.

That does not mean that I did not have a small slice of pecan pie. That is not a regular option and it’s my second favorite pie.

I lost track of the time, but I am pretty sure that I lost about 4 hours to that couch. Oh heck yes I was unbuttoned the whole time. I was still wearing my jeans, but wondering why I didn’t bring my sweats for after dinner.

Ironically I woke up hungry. Say what?

Next Up: Black Friday and Traveling home

Have a Blessed Evening

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