Monday, December 22, 2014

Surviving the Cookie Exchange

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful festive season. I think we all know that I am little Ms. Christmas. I love it! I have had a few moments of the Christmas Blues though. I love being in North Carolina, but I miss being around my family at this time of the year. I am anxious to head home in a couple of days.

Luckily I have the most wonderful people in my life. Yesterday I was at Church and our Sunday School class was hosting a breakfast. We were decked out. There were muffins, coffee cakes, omlets, breakfast sandwiches, biscuits, and fruit. I brought Charlie Brown Christmas for us to watch. It was delightful. When we were closing up there was an announcement about the cookie exchange that night. And so I was invited to my first cookie exchange.

I have avoided them in the past. I just can’t handle it. It’s like inviting an alcoholic to a wine swap. It’s just not a good idea. Now most people have time to prepare for a Cookie exchange. It’s a little hard to knock out 12 dozen cookies in an afternoon with short notice. And so I was invited to just come and be merry. Okay, I can do that. Although I sensed a trap. Haha.

The afternoon brought me some serious joy. There was a Downton Abbey Season 4 marathon. I was ready! Two episodes in I was having second thoughts about going to the Cookie Exchange. How could I leave Anna in her time of need? I needed to go though. I love my church family. I needed some holiday lovin. So I set it to record and went.

When I walked in I was hugged and introduced to everyone. Some people I knew. Some people I recognized. And some people were completely new to me. All I know is that I spotted a veggie tray on the counter. I have found my spot. I barely moved for the next couple of hours. Carrots. Celery. Broccoli. Hummus. I was good to go.  I even brought my own crystal light. I was going to be good.
And then I took a tour of the food. MISTAKE!  I found some cheese and crackers. Not too bad there. I had a couple. But, there was also the most amazing thing EVER!  I don’t know what it was or who made it, but there was a white chocolate melt that I couldn’t handle. White chocolate with M&Ms, oreo pieces, and pretzels. Um…only my most favorite things all mixed together. I had a couple. And then I high tailed it back to the veggie tray.

A little while later someone came over with some “white trash bars”. I don’t know what all it is in, but it has a little bit of everything with a frosting. We split the smallest pieces ever. I mean it was smaller than a starburst. It was rich!  Back to the carrots.

Before I left for the party I had to eat dinner. I knew I would be having some treats later so I made sure to go veggie heavy. It was good, but not super filling. I practically inhaled those veggies from the veggie tray.

Pretty soon it was time to divvy up the cookies. Ms. Abby generously offered to share her cookies with me. Out of her dozen of every cookie, I would take 3 and she would take 9. When I walked into the room with my container it was like heaven. Cookies everywhere.  There were gingerbread, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered cookies, key lime cookies, buckeyes, biscotti…I felt like I was going to go into a diabetic coma just being in the room. We joked that I would need to leave my car and run home to burn off the calories just from being in the same room with the cookies.

I happily got my stash of cookies. Everyone kept asking if I had enough. Haha. Thank you for the concern, but I am just one person and I was leaving with 3 dozen cookies. I was just fine. Plus, I got sent home with some of those white chocolate pieces of heaven. *On a side note, those puppies didn’t last 24 hours. I ate them.

I got home and was a little sugared up. I put on Downton Abbey and watched a few episodes. I was wide awake and then BAM…I sugar crashed. This morning I had a cookie hangover. And I really didn’t eat that much. I can’t handle what I used to. I am taking that as a good sign.

Before I go I am going to call a foul on PBS!  Come on! You have a 7 episode marathon and skip the final episode (8). That was CRUEL!  I have to wait a WEEK!  I can’t handle this. I am hopped up on sugar. I am missing my family. You just can’t do that to me! Dang it I want a scone!

Have a Blessed Evening

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