Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Random Wednesday: Oreos, Summer clothes, and a Wedding

Happy Random Wednesday,

Once again I am behind on posts. I have a lot to talk about from the Rock'n'Roll DC Half Marathon this weekend. I can't wait to share (I know you don't believe me since it was on Saturday and it is now Wednesday and I haven't said anything yet). It's been a little busy. I'll try to write about it this week.


On Monday was I was babysitting Miss Olivia and she offered me a Red Velvet Oreo. "Come on, you know you want one!" I DO!  I DO WANT ONE! 

And I had one. It was unbelievable. Life changing really.


If I see one more commercial for Domino's Bacon wrapped pizza I may die. I just can't handle it. It's SO not necessary.


It was 83 degrees today. I went to the park and it was packed. WOO WOO


I heart my little Girls on the Run Girls. They are so sweet and innocent....and completely distracted when someone is walking a dog near their track.


Tonight at church we had a Peruvian dinner. I had no idea what to expect (even though I was on the email list to organize, I just didn't check since I couldn't help). It was So yummy. Chicken. Potatoes. Fruit. Slaw. I don't usually like slaw, but I really liked this one.


Dunkin Donuts brought back my Butter Pecan iced lattes...I haven't had one in over a week. I'm going through withdrawal.


With the race over the next thing I am in training for is my cousin's wedding. I need to look for a dress and of course kick my arm workouts into high gear.


It's time to get out the summer clothes. I'm hoping they fit.

Have a Blessed Evening
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