Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Random Wednesday: Hair, Thanksgiving, Injuries, and NYC Marathon

Happy Random Wednesday,

What up Peeps? Well I am super happy. I had a great run this morning. It was my first real good run in a long time. I ran for 6 and then biked for 4. I was nice and soaking wet after. My hair is killing me. It's really too short to do anything with other than a headband, but when it gets wet it's like I am running with a 10 lb wig on my head.


So for Thanksgiving I am going to Pittsburgh to spend time with the nephews. So excited. I haven't seen them since the Cleveland marathon. My brother immediately asked if I wanted to do a Turkey Trot on thanksgiving. Um YES. Oh, but it gets better. We will be doing  a 10k trot followed by a 5k trot. 15k should make me mighty hungry for Thanksgiving dinner...although I'm not exactly sure who will be cooking since my sister in law is running too and mom will be watching the nephews. Thanksgiving spaghetti sounds good to me.


A couple weeks ago it felt like the end of the world to me. I was housesitting and heading out to go to the park for a run. I rolled my foot off of the sidewalk into the grass. I was uncomfortable, but I could walk. But, I was not going anywhere. I ran home to shower and then I was meeting Ms. Amy for lunch. I wrapped my foot and by the time I got to the restaurant I was limping. By the time lunch was over I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. I could only put pressure on my heel. The problem was that I was going to an event at church. I was the official photographer for the Breast Cancer Tea. I limped around for a little bit taking some pix and then I was ordered by some medical professionals to sit and elevate my foot.

It worked in my favor since the refreshment table was extremely tempting. I got a few things including the needed scone. You can't have tea without scones.

I was dismissed early and sent home. I was a little nervous. I had to maneuver steps and I really didn't have anything to eat for dinner so that meant I would need to go through a drive-thru. I was too hurt so I went straight to the house to elevate. I was super lucky. I had hoped to go see a movie in the park that night with Ms. Crystal, but there was no way I was walking around on uneven ground. At this point I was crying when I walked. So Ms. Crystal brought dinner to make and we watched a movie.

The next morning I was walking around just fine. I had some minor discomfort, but I was fine. I decided to stay off of it for a little while. All of the walking on my heel meant that I was pulling my arch. I'm a hot mess I tell you.


The other day I was watching a Law & Order: Criminal Intent and the plot was that a band of obese siblings attack a violinist. They had my attention.

They left footprints and dna at the scene so the police knew they were looking for a teen girl that weighed around 240 and another person weighing 350. So they went to the school and asked about overweight kids. The person they talked to said they would need to be more specific. With the cutting of Phys Ed and the increase in vending machines and accessable fast food joints the number has risen.

It turns out that a brother and sister were taking revenge on another girl because she was part of a group that beat up their older brother because he was so fat.

I know it's fiction, but this episode made me cry.


So this past weekend was the NYC's my DREAM. I was practically salivating. I WANT IT!  I know I said no more marathons after next year, but I'm not stopping til I do that.

I have a 2 year plan for it. I will do the Rehoboth full next year and my goal is to cut off at least 30 minutes. I will need to cut an hour for the NYC Marathon. I am aiming for 2017.

I WANT this! I might even want it more than I want Tony Stewart to call me. And I really want that too. Hey Tony Stewart call me!


It's time to update your playlist:

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DNCE - Cake by the Ocean - 119 BPM
Madison Beer & Jack & Jack - All for Love - 121 BPM
Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself - 124 BPM
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Chris Lawhorn
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