Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Random Wednesday: Yoga, Stress, and glow sticks

Happy Random Wednesday,

So last year they had pumpkin spice Hershey kisses...they were amazing...I have yet to find them again this year. That's probably a good thing.


Busy schedule means stress. Lots of stress right now. I'm trying really hard to knit for at least 30 minutes a day for stress relief. It beats stress eating.


Horribly sad news: my Monday morning Yoga class has been cancelled. I can't handle this information. My muscles are so tight it's painful. I need a massage.


Yesterday was a tough day with my Girls on the Run girls. Some were not on their best behavior and it got me mad. I was disappointed and angry. When I left all I could think of was chocolate. I stopped at Zoe's Kitchen to get a Greek Chicken Salad. At the counter they sell the most amazing looking chocolate chunk cookies. When the girl asked how she could help me I said:

I am going to place my order and I am going to stare intently at this cookie. You are NOT to allow me to buy one.

The lady next to me was there to buy one slice of chocolate cake. She offered to buy me one because I looked so frazzled. I passed. Holy Willpower Batman!


I love boxing workouts. They are so good. I'm slightly obsessed with fact I'm finding it hard to lift my arms at the moment.

I am going to an event in two weeks that requires a cocktail dress. The two I have to choose from will highlight my arms. I want to dazzle!


The Holidays are around the corner and I'm excited and nervous. I can't wait to see my family, but I always get nervous about the food.


I made the most amazing side of vegetables:

Squash, Zucchini, green peppers, corn, olive oil, and Italian seasoning. OH My GAH!


The other day I saw something that really bothered me. On some morning talk show they were talking about Vin Diesel. We all know how hot his body is. Well they showed a picture (clearly taken without permission) of him shirtless on a balcony. It was clear that he was not in shape any longer. There were gasps all over. What the hell people? Who has the right to do that? That's just obnoxious and evil. What would possess someone to put that picture out there for no apparent reason than to shame him. I was really mad. It's not necessary and I am 100% sure that everyone in that audience and the host herself, would have been horrified if anyone did that to them.

Do unto others...

Another thing I saw was a commercial for some Waist trimming belt. This mortified me. Sure it gave the women an hour glass figure, but they looked super fake and imagine how much it is crushing your insides. Eat healthy and exercise for goodness sake.


Running Buddy and I went to the Blacklight Run at the Speedway this weekend. It was so much fun. I was very stressed out about the CROP walk the next day and I really just wanted to skip it and get more done. But, we went. It was great. I had a hard time in the dark with my depth perception and you couldn't really see where you were going except for the people in front of you wearing glow sticks. This was a bit of a problem because it was not flat. There were hills and slants.

The best part is that we got to go on the track for half of it. We were on Pit Road. I of course stopped for a picture on the start/finish line. Then we had the opportunity to climb up the embankments of the turns. They are pretty steep, but there was no way in hell I would miss that opportunity. Up we went. And then we had to figure out how to get down. We stayed up there just laughing for a while. Then I put my water bottle between my knees and crab walked back down. I practically peed myself I was laughing so hard. It was definitely awesome and we will do this one again. Hopefully Tony Stewart will call before then. Hey Tony Stewart, CALL ME!


The CROP walk was a success and I will share more on that later.

Have a Blessed Evening
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