Sunday, April 17, 2016

Every Step Counts

Hello Beautiful People,

Good gravy life got busy...or I should say Busier. I think I may get some air this week.

The good news is that I am living by my Fitbit. I have set up buddies and challenges and I am getting my steps in.

So here's the thing. Whenever I talk to people about the recommended amount of steps people should take per day, 10K, I always hear "I'm on my feet all of the time. I must walk that at least."  *Insert buzzer sound*

One of the biggest things that Personal Trainers deal with is RPE, Rate of Perceived Exertion. Most people think they do much more than they actually do. Sorry, but it's true.

I am on my feet all day. At most my daily steps get me 4,000 steps. I work my butt off to exceed my daily goal. Sometimes that means parking far away from the store. Sometimes that means taking extra trips to the car. Sometimes I get up and walk around the room after I knock off something on my to do list. I get it done no matter what it takes.

A lot of my steps are high knee march in place steps. This is good for me right now. Because my foot issues kept me grounded for so long the muscles around my knees got weaker. Therefore, my knee started hurting a lot again. The muscles are getting stronger and the steps in place are landing differently than my running steps so my feet are not hurting as much. It's all good. Plus, My butt is LOVING IT...and by loving I mean FEELING IT.

The downfall is that since the fitbit is on the left wrist I find myself carrying more things on my right side. I also now loathe shopping carts. LOL. When I'm in stores I tend to walk around more to get in extra regular steps.

My Fitbit buddies range from people that I am happy to encourage in their daily steps to fellow marathoners that challenge me to get more done. I never linked up with anyone the first time I had my fitbit. I definitely needed this right now. So if you want to add me please do:

I definitely thriving on my competition. This past week I had daily challenges with Cousin Hannah, a work week challenge, and a Weekend warrior challenge. I won the first 2 daily challenges. Day three was my highest step count of the week. I had 20,000+. I lost by 1000 steps. That Stinker! She won the rest of the week and then the work week challenge. Saturday morning I had just gotten out of the shower at 6:45 only to get an alert that I was already 18K steps behind her. Awesome...I didn't beat her, but it definitely pushed me to get more in for the day.

Yesterday was 33 weeks from the next marathon. I need every step to count so that I can stay injury free this time.

Have a Blessed Evening
****Please note****

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