Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not quite the December I was hoping for

Hello my Lovelies and Gents,

Okay so the year is just about over and December really kicked my butt. I'm seriously ready for a new year to begin.

I am so behind on posts. I promise to make up for them. But, to give you a brief synopsis of the past month:

I was injured with plantar faciitis going into my Half Marathon. So basically I was super unprepared for the race and seriously questioning my sanity at even trying it. I can't wait to tell you about that weekend though. I had a really great time with friends and family and enjoyed the beautiful weather at the beach. It was very soothing for my soul. I needed it too because I was seriously depressed at having to drop from the Full marathon to the Half. My race plan was slow and steady to finish standing. I did a great job and felt really good at the finish line so that was a win.

I felt good, but my foot and calf still hurt afterwards so I was resting it for a week. And then at the end of the week the crud happened. It started with a little scratchy throat on Saturday. By Sunday night I was coughing. And that was the beginning of the end. Basically I was living on Nyquil and musinex. If I could avoid talking it helped. And sleep would have been nice, but thanks to my traveling I still had 6am and 8am clients every day. Sleep wasn't really happening and I really needed that. Instead I turned into a giant coughing blob. Then I would seem to be okay during the day, but come 5pm I would start coughing like crazy again. Grr.

I think I ate chicken noodle soup for a week straight. I don't know how I didn't lose 10 pounds through this. Except that in the middle of it we had the Christmas Cookie Exchange....temptation thy name is COOKIE! 

The bonus from all of this is that I was resting so much that my calf and foot relaxed. My injury has healed. Hooray!  It's not a recovery method I endorse, but right now I will take my good news any way I can.

A week before I was supposed to head up North for Christmas I had a lovely surprise. I went out to my car at 5:30am to head out for clients and my car wouldn't start. Awesome! Needless to say my anxiety level soared because it's never a quick easy fix for me.  But, this time it wasn't super bad. A friend came over and attempted to jump my battery, but it didn't work. So I had my car towed to a mechanic on Friday afternoon. They were able to check it before they closed and it wasn't too bad. The battery was totally dead and that was all. It was replaced in the morning. Not money I really wanted to spend the week before Christmas, but considering it could have been so much worse I was happy.  I was so happy I had a quick adrenaline rush and I felt better...for a couple hours.

I actually started to feel better during my drive on Christmas Eve. I credit it to the humid air that helped me breathe. I even felt human on Christmas. This was especially good because we had tickets to go see Star Wars. Our tickets were for 7:30pm and all week when the coughing started at 5pm I thought I was going to need to back out. Luckily I was feeling good. I loaded up on cough drops and water and away we went.

I did buy a soda when we got there. I didn't take a nap and worried I might fall asleep during the movie. It worked. I stayed awake. Of course I also had to go to the know we were in theater 1 and the women's room was all of the way on the other side of the building. I don't think that running was good for the lungs...

The original plan for the night was to go in to DC after the movie and go for a run around the National Mall and see the Christmas lights. Yeah, that was not going to happen with my lungs (sad face). Sadly, I just went home after. But, I went home completely excited because I loved the movie.

A little later that night my phone died. Score!  I was no where near it and it shut down and restarted only to get stuck on the start screen. Great. We were supposed to leave early in the morning to head up for our family party. Instead, I was running to the mall to have them look at my phone.

I gotta say, first the car battery and then the phone processor...I was beginning to feel like a character from the X Men. Just call me Magneto. I was a little nervous about what else I could kill.

There's no place I would rather be than the Verizon store the day after's not like everyone got a new phone or tablet for a present. I had a flawless plan though. Cough until they take care of me and get me out of the store. It worked.

It's a good thing that I always carry my old iPhone. The guy looked at it for a minute before saying "It's done. We'll need to send you a new one." We reactivated my old phone and I was on my way. I could even breathe. It was a good feeling. So I stopped and treated myself to a Caramel Dream Mocha Latte. I got a small and it was heaven.

I got back to mom's as fast as I could and set up what I could on my phone, packed and we got on our way. And that's when my lungs began to collapse. I didn't get much sleep and all of that anxiety and running around killed me. I had to pull over and let mom drive. I was popping cough drops left and right. I was drinking water because I was dehydrated from my medicine. So clearly we had to stop for the potty every hour. All of that coughing didn't help. I practically peed myself every cough.

I got a little burst of energy when we arrived and I was happy to see my family, but it was a matter of minutes before I started to decline. I made it through the family picture, although there were a couple of shots of me coughing. I love my family. They took care of me. Lots of tea and medicine...possibly some bourbon. I continued to hydrate, but I was toast. Eventually I made my way to the recliner and passed out.

I got sleep (even though my family thought we needed to go to the ER for pneumonia) and the next day I got some more and started to feel human. Hooray! But, we were now a day behind travel schedule. Instead of going back to Virginia on Sunday, we left Monday morning. That meant I would have to load up my car and get right on the road to North Carolina. It was a long long day. But, I seemed to be okay.

I have done my best to rest and relax since I've been back. I've seen my clients and come right home. I think I'm going to live.

It's been a crappy couple of months physically and mentally. I am far from where I want to be, but I am hopeful. Today was the first day of registration for the Rehoboth Marathon. I used my Christmas money and signed up. I am going for it. Another 26.2 in 2016.


Have a Blessed Evening
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